Wikipedia rival rewards users with crypto

Wikipedia rival rewards users with crypto

A hard fork doesn’t necessarily have to apply to just cryptocurrencies. For example, Everipedia, a user-driven online repository of information, stems from the creation of the now-famous Wikipedia. As with virtually all hard forks, the creation of Everipedia brought with it a number of enhancements and upgrades designed to make it a better platform. Now, the site is going a step further and is planning on offering cryptocurrency to those who offer content to the site.

Everipedia was first introduced to the world in 2014. It is billed as a platform that is less restrictive than Wikipedia while, at the same time, allowing for edits only through an invitation or the successful acceptance of an application. It now has more than six million articles available—more than Wikipedia—and, as is the case with Wikipedia, wants to be an ad-free source of data.

In order to promote more material being added, Everipedia is now accepting applications from would be editors. To sweeten the pot, editors can earn IQ tokens (IQX) for the content that is published.

The site, and its business model, has attracted a lot of attention, most notably from one of the founders of Wikipedia, Dr. Larry Sanger. He joined the organization last December and now has no involvement with Wikipedia after becoming somewhat disenchanted with the direction the world’s first free massive online encyclopedia was headed.

Everipedia is currently launched on the EOS blockchain. It uses a proof of stake model to allow for voting on changes and upgrades to its IQ network. It is resistant to censorship and edits become permanent once published.

To be able to edit the site and add new content, users must first register with Everipedia and purchase its IQX token. Without holding any tokens, it isn’t possible to add to the site. When an edit is submitted, the editor must provide a small amount of IQX, which, if the edit is approved, is returned to the editor. This is done in an attempt to ensure that the information being submitted and edited is accurate and valuable, as well as free of spam.

Everipedia was founded by Theodor Forselius, who is currently the company’s CEO, and Sam Kazemian, its president. They were joined by Mahbod Moghadam, now the Chief Human Resources Officer, and Travis Moore, Everipedia’s Chief Technology Officer. According to the Everipedia website, its mission is “to modernize, consolidate, and decentralize governance of the online encyclopedia.”

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