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Events 10 April 2018

Deconomy 2018 day 2 summary

Cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb kicked off the second day of the Deconomy 2018 with an overview of South Korea’s growing cryptocurrency market, considered to be the largest in the world.​

Events 6 April 2018

Deconomy 2018 day 1 summary

The two-day forum brings together intellectuals and the brightest minds from the digital space, entrepreneurship, the academe, and thought leaders and enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies.

Events 5 April 2018

Dr. Craig Wright: With Bitcoin, the power is within

At the recently held Satoshi's Vision conference in Tokyo, Japan, Dr. Craig Wright explained how network topology works, and, in the process, debunked the notion that an outfitted Raspberry Pi can be used as a full Bitcoin node.

Bitcoin 4 April 2018

Roger Ver, Samson Mow Deconomy 2018 debate goes off the rails owner Roger Ver was pitted against Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer Samson Mow in a panel discussion that tackled the controversial question, “Can Bitcoin Scale?” The result, as expected, was a tension-filled exchange between the two panelists.

Events 27 March 2018

Satoshi’s Vision Conference day 3 recap

As more businesses try to get into the digital currency landscape, a session on cryptocurrency investing opened the last day of the Satoshi’s Vision Conference in Tokyo.

Events 27 March 2018

Satoshi’s Vision Conference day 2 recap

Day 2 of the Satoshi's Vision Conference focused on presentations about the future of Bitcoin Cash and discussions on how a decentralized cryptocurrency would give economic freedom to the world.

Events 27 March 2018

Satoshi’s Vision Conference day 1 recap's Stephanie Tower brings you Day 1 of the Satoshi's Vision Conference in Tokyo, featuring presentations on building the future of money to bring Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of a peer-to-peer electronic cash system to reality.

CoinGeek Coinversation 20 March 2018

Jimmy Nguyen: The Bitcoin world needs more positivity’s Becky Liggero sat down with Jimmy Nguyen, CEO of the nChain Group, for an interesting discussion about collaboration and positivity, and how these factors will ignite the growth of Bitcoin Cash.