US Presidential Hopeful Eric Swalwell accepting Bitcoin SV donations

US presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell accepting Bitcoin SV donations

The Democratic primary race is full of choices, and all of the candidates need to do something to set themselves apart from the pack for a chance to battle U.S. President Donald Trump for the executive office in 2020. An unlikely nominee, California Rep. Eric Swalwell, is trying to do just that by accepting cryptocurrency donations, including Bitcoin SV (BSV).

The candidate has launched a crypto deposit page with the blockchain firm The White Company. The page is simple and easy to use, and features a short YouTube video of Swalwell where he discussed blockchain technology. He said:

“Blockchain can change the world, if we let it. So much of our public life now exists online, and there’s no reason to believe we can’t extend this further into our democracy and our economy – from exercising our right to vote, to how we look at cryptocurrency.”

The donation form is easy to use, allowing the user to select one of six cryptos—Bitcoin Core (BTC), Ether, Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC), Stellar, BSV and The White Company’s native token White standard (WSD). After selecting an amount and filling out a donor’s form, the user can simply send their donation.

Swalwell is the second candidate in the field to begin accepting digital currency donations. Andrew Yang began soliciting crypto donations recently as well, and made it a big part of his platform should he win the nomination.

Both candidates have a lot of ground to make up if they hope to win the nomination. The latest Quinnipiac University National Poll has Yang polling at 1% support, and Swalwell at 0%. It goes without saying that those numbers lag far behind the leaders of the pack, who have been consistently Joe Biden at 35%, Bernie Sanders at 16%, and crypto critic Elizabeth at 13%.

That’s of a 23 candidate field though, and one that’s growing every day. The candidates will have a lot of time to hash things out before the first debate takes place between June 26 and 27, and even more time before the first ballots are cast in the Iowa caucus on February 3, 2020.

Launching this crypto donation page might just be the little kick Swalwell’s campaign needs to enter the conversation and gain some momentum by the time the real conversation begins.

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