Polish Olympic Games and Zetly partnership

The Polish Olympic Committee and Zetly announce partnership: The future of Polish Sport in the digital era

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The Polish Olympic Committee (PKOL) and Zetly are proud to announce a strategic partnership that will usher Polish sport into the digital age. This collaboration marks a groundbreaking step in integrating modern technologies, digital assets, and innovative solutions into Polish sports.

Zetly – Modern Solutions for Sports

Zetly is a dynamic digital platform that connects sports with blockchain technology. By creating digital assets such as NFTs and club tokens, Zetly enables sports organizations and their fans to engage at a new level and opens up new funding opportunities.

Polish Olympic Committee – A Leader in Polish Sport

The Polish Olympic Committee (PKOL) is the main institution responsible for the development and promotion of Olympic sports in Poland. PKOL not only supports athletes on their path to success but also strives for innovation and modernization of sports structures in the country.

Scope and Subject of the Partnership

The main goal of the Zetly and PKOL partnership is to create a digital ecosystem that will revolutionize Polish sport. As part of this collaboration, Zetly will introduce collections related to the Summer and Winter Olympic Games on its platform. The agreement includes exclusivity for these collections, allowing for the creation of unique digital assets representing Polish Olympians and their achievements.

Exclusive Collaboration

Thanks to the signed exclusivity agreement, the Zetly platform will feature collections related to summer and winter sports from the Olympic Games. This unique solution will promote Polish athletes and increase their global visibility through modern technologies.

Future of the Partnership

Detailed information about the future plans of the partnership will be jointly announced by Zetly and PKOL after the Paris Olympic Games. A special conference dedicated to this collaboration will be held after the Games, where the next steps and goals of this innovative initiative will be presented.

Key Quotes

Rafał Gelner, CEO of Zetly Group: “We are honored and excited to announce our partnership with the Polish Olympic Committee. We believe that the introduction of digital assets, blockchain technology, and innovative solutions will help build a modern sports ecosystem. Through this partnership, Polish Sport will gain new opportunities, and fans will experience sports on a whole new level.”

Marek Pałus, Secretary General of PKOL: “The partnership with Zetly is a significant step towards modern technologies and digital assets for Polish sport. Our collaboration will not only enhance the attractiveness of Polish sport but also contribute to its global visibility. This is a groundbreaking moment for our sport, and I am convinced that thanks to Zetly, we will reach new, previously unattainable heights.”


The partnership between PKOL and Zetly marks a milestone in the digitalization of Polish sport. With innovative solutions and modern technologies, Polish sport is entering a new era of opportunities and fan engagement.

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