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Latest Tech News

Robot works in a fruit garden
Tech 13 July 2024

Experts turn to AI in preserving tree population

Researchers at the Missouri Botanical Garden are leveraging AI for environmental conservation by bringing over seven million plant specimens online.

Google building
Tech 12 July 2024

Google’s new AI training technique is 13 times faster

Google says its JEST approach is also 10 times more efficient than existing techniques, with AI energy costs expected to double by 2026 as adoption soars.

India Map with circuit lines
Tech 11 July 2024

India eyes ‘democratizing’ AI, procurement of GPUs to boost computing power

To create a high-end AI ecosystem, India is looking to ramp up its computing capacity by purchasing over 10,000 GPUs and making AI commercially accessible.

Cloudfare on a mobile phone
Tech 8 July 2024

Cloudflare adds ‘easy button’ solution to block AI bots, data scrapers

Promoting Internet safety, Cloudflare's one-click solution, which will be available to all user tiers, is designed to prohibit bots from bypassing guardrails in accessing web content.