Technical Standards Committee

Technical Standards Committee appoints five additional members

ZUG, Switzerland – June 1st, 2022 – The Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee (TSC), an industry-led standards organisation for the BSV ecosystem, today announces that it adds five additional members to the committee. With these appointments, the TSC is well-positioned for future tasks and challenges ahead at a very critical stage for the BSV ecosystem as more and more enterprises integrate and work with the BSV blockchain.

The committee looked for representatives with a deep understanding of the BSV blockchain from a technical perspective and who are up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. On top of that, the TSC also looked out for leadership and stakeholder engagement skills in potential candidates. The TSC is very pleased to have found these requirements in the following new committee members:

  • Michaella Pettit, Senior Researcher – Swiss Team Lead, nChain AG
  • Kip Twitchell, Executive Director,
  • Jake Jones, CTO at HFI Benefit Inc.

The other two new committee members were previously successfully engaged as members over the last two years and have now been reappointed:

  • Angus Brown, Chairman, Co-Founder and Co-CEO CENTBEE
  • James Belding, CEO of Tokenized

Furthermore, Andy Mee, Director of Product and Solutions Strategy at nChain, and Kalev Truusalu, Partner of Domineum, have left the committee as members. The TSC expresses its gratitude towards Mee and Truusalu and wishes both of them a successful future.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Chair of the Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee Steve Shadders said:

‘Our new committee members have scored highly on the various aspects that we were looking for in our candidates. Based on their prior track record within the Bitcoin SV industry, we are sure that they will compliment our already existing team well. Technical standardization is often a very challenging endeavour, but it can be very rewarding and thus advance not only individual companies, but the entire BSV ecosystem.’

Commenting on today’s announcement, Bitcoin Association for BSV Founding President Jimmy Nguyen said:

‘Standardization is an essential contribution to any innovation regarding technical infrastructure – especially to achieve our big goals for BSV blockchain to become the distributed data infrastructure and electronic cash payment system for massive scale global adoption. As standards setting involves many parties and organisations, it has to be carried out in cooperation and dialogue with the industry and governments. This kind of work therefore requires a broad skill set, which we have found in our five new or re-elected members. We have full confidence in our new committee members and look forward to their contribution to the development of technical standards.’

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