Zetly and Polish Sailing

Polish Sailing League and Zetly form a strategic partnership for the digital transformation of sailing

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Warsaw, 20 June 2024 – The Polish Sailing League (PLŻ) proudly announces the establishment of a strategic partnership with the Zetly platform, marking a milestone in developing a digital ecosystem for the Polish sailing community. This partnership will bring new opportunities for fan engagement, revenue generation, and education through innovative technological solutions.

Zetly – an innovative technology platform

Zetly is a modern platform with a mission to support sports development through digital technologies. It specializes in creating blockchain-based solutions, such as NFT collections, which serve not only as digital memorabilia but also as educational and marketing tools. Zetly is committed to developing sports communities by offering modern tools for interaction and monetization.

Polish Sailing League – promoting sailing values

The Polish Sailing League is a prestigious organization that has been promoting regatta sailing in Poland for years. PLŻ brings together the best Polish sailing clubs, organizing annual competitions that attract both participants and a large audience. The league is synonymous with the highest quality of sports competition and the promotion of values associated with sailing.

Joint mission and partnership goals

The partnership between PLŻ and Zetly reflects their shared aspirations to develop a digital sports ecosystem. Both parties commit to working together to create a new space for fan engagement, generating new revenue streams, and education through NFT collections. These digital assets will promote sailing values and raise awareness of this discipline.

Key partnership initiatives

As part of the partnership, Zetly and PLŻ will collaborate on several key initiatives:

  • Introduction of free NFT collections featuring the most important figures in Polish regattasailing, honoring our heritage and laying the foundation for future monetization strategies.
  • Zetly will provide support at every stage of the partnership development, offering technological, marketing, and educational tools.
  • Zetly will assist PLŻ in fully preparing to adopt Web3 technologies through education and a series of training sessions for PLŻ members on new technologies, digital asset management, and marketing strategies.
  • Development of a comprehensive go-to-market (GTM) plan, creating a holistic 360 strategy covering all aspects of marketing and communication, and imparting knowledge on effective social media management.

Leaders’ statements

Maciek Cylupa, President of the Polish Sailing League, on the partnership:

“We believe that our collaboration with Zetly will set new standards for fan engagement and digital interaction, creating a solid and dynamic environment for all interested parties.”

Rafał Gelner, CEO of Zetly Group sp. z o.o., on the partnership:

“We are excited about the opportunity to support the Polish Sailing League through our advanced technologies. Together, we aim to create lasting relationships with fans and sponsors, which will be key to building value for the entire Polish sailing world.”

Summary The partnership between Zetly and the Polish Sailing League ushers in a new era for Polish sailing, bringing innovative technological solutions and new opportunities for fan engagement. Together, we will strive to build lasting relationships, promote sailing values, and create a dynamic sports environment.

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