OKCoin in Europe: Launch of Euro trading and Malta office

OKCoin in Europe: Launch of Euro trading and Malta office

OKCoin is making big steps towards making digital assets accessible across the globe, a key objective of theirs. As from June 4, OKCoin users, even those outside of the U.S., can deposit and withdraw euros.

Users can participate in Euro spot trading for leading digital assets. In the near future, the OKCoin platform will be adding to its number of euro digital asset pairs. Users are encouraged to monitor the platform to ensure they have an up to date list of available digital assets and their values.

The good news is after the launch, OKCain will allow users to deposit and withdraw euros for free for a period of three months, or until September 4.

OKCoin also opened a new office in Malta, the Blockchain Island of the European Union. The office is part of the chiliZBlockchain Campus, which serves as an accelerator and hub, connecting some of the industry’s largest stakeholders across Asia and Europe.

In addition, the new office will be operating in compliance to the Virtual Financial Asset Act (VFAA). The Malta Financial Service Authority will allow OKCoin to design a tailored set of trading services and digital assets.

OKCoin is now able to list token projects as well as introduce diverse payment options that are fast and safe to European users with the help of the Malta distributed ledger technology and digital asset framework. An OKCoin representative stated:

“In addition to these existing offerings from Malta, we will continue to provide our customers with access to a secure, reliable, and advanced digital asset trading platform built on OKCoin cutting-edge technology.”

The General Manager of Europe at OKCoin, Jovan Gavrilovic, supported the statement adding that Europe is essential to the evolution of cryptocurrency markets, promising to provide digital asset trading to European market without compromising on reliability and safety.

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