Napston to introduce fully automated crypto exchange

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The Napston cryptocurrency exchange has the potential to turn the industry upside down, if it’s able to produce the results the company expects. The exchange is a fully automated platform that uses a proprietary technology, the “Distributed Artificial Neural Networks (DANN),” to make accurate market predictions. Company officials assert that the platform pools data from “thousands” of independent sources and makes trading possible for even the most inexperienced investor.

According to a press release by the company, “Napston entered the cryptocurrency space in 2013, long before it became mainstream. Over the last five years, the company has been through all the uncertainties and fluctuations of this evolving market. During this phase, Napston was serving only the larger corporate and high net worth individual customers, helping them properly structure and trade their cryptocurrency portfolios. They have spent a high percentage of profits to build the proprietary Distributed Artificial Neural Networks technology. This advanced technology has now formed the foundation of Napston’s automated crypto trading platform.”

The DANN is described as a network of nodes that are programmed to predict the market. Napston throws out a caveat, however, indicating that the accuracy with which DANN is able to offer its predictions is contingent upon the computer processing power that is available.

Napston’s platform includes “state-of-the-art security” and full transparency. The company indicates that it only takes about 30 seconds to get started and allows for instant withdrawals, which could be appealing to a large number of traders.

The exchange currently only supports Bitcoin Core (BTC) or Ethereum and offers three packages available to get started: Starter with minimum $100 in BTC, 1% per day, for 150 days, three level referral system; Advanced with $1,000 minimum in BTC, 1.25% per day, for 150 days, 5 level referral system; and Expert with $5,000 minimum in BTC, 1.50% per day, for 150 days, 10 level referral system.

According to a Napston spokesperson, “Our just launched trading platform is only about helping you earn the profit on your otherwise dormant Bitcoins or Ethereum without breaking a sweat yourself. We believe there’s serious demand for that and the customers who have already joined us prove that vision.”

If the platform is able to perform as accurately as the press release indicates, it could be a revolutionary advance for crypto trading. However, let’s revisit the issue in a couple of months.

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