It’s a Little Forked Up But It’s Not All Doom and Gloom

Every emerging business (especially in the tech world), just before going mainstream seems to have its ‘VHS vs Betamax’ moment and Bitcoin appears to be right at that point, er, now. The Fork as its being termed.

The good news is that there wouldn’t be so much aggressive posturing if it there wasn’t much at stake. So, while inherently disruptive in the short term, it is likely that once the dust has settled Bitcoin’s undoubted upward trajectory can continue at pace.

While other cryptocurrencies may delight in this skirmish the likely outcome is a “whatever-doesn’t-kill-me-makes-me-stronger” scenario.

We don’t want get too bogged down in the detail here as there are countless records on the subject from the venomous to the biased and, in some rare cases, even balanced.

The two parties are, in essence, ‘Limitless’ and ‘Core’.

Core’s apparent plus is that it has the financial backing of the existing establishment which, if true, gives it gravitas but, equally, goes against the very ethos of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is supposed to serve as an alternative to those naughty, greedy Banks.

Unlimited is what it says it is and is closer to the original ideology of Bitcoin’s inception in 2008, namely, a decentralized digital currency. But, of course, folk don’t like change and moving away from the comfort blanket of the Banks is a big step.

Either way, war has begun. Do your research and pick a side!


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