MR Megawatt and Friends

Introducing M.R. Megawatt and Friends – a sustainable blockchain gaming platform with eco-friendly games & utility NFT’s

Sustainable NFT’s and gaming can promote positive environmental impact and help reduce personal CO2 footprints

TAMWORTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2021 / — Bryan Daugherty, creator of Proof of ESG | The ESG Stamp Initiative – a blockchain-based Environmental, Social, and (corporate) Governance (ESG) workgroup and sustainability solution market for blockchain infused ESG data collection, authentication, analysis, management, and reporting, announced today the development of a sustainable blockchain gaming platform featuring eco-friendly games and utility NFT’s.

Currently, M.R. Megawatt and Friends is a ‘Proof of Concept’, offering visitors the ability to jump over a never-ending stream of small and big blockchain blocks while collecting “Hemp Power-Ups” along the way.

The hemp is in reference to the strategic partnership with PURE Shenandoah, an innovative Virginia-based Hemp farm and processing facility leading the way in producing sustainable hemp fiber and quality CBD hemp flower.

The immediate roadmap for M.R. Megawatt and Friends includes a host of quantified, carbon-reducing gamifications designed to reduce an individual player’s personal carbon footprint through gameplay.

As a game, M.R. Megawatt emphasizes that in blockchain, scaling equals sustainability, paving the way for blockchain to provide disruptive new utility and efficiency.

Bryan Daugherty, CCI, CBI, SME

Other to-be-released features include:

  • Carbon Offset Leaderboard
  • ESG Fungible Game Tokens
  • AD Sponsored Sustainable Gameplay

To celebrate the announcement of the carbon neutralizing game platform, a series of sustainable NFT’s have been created and released that provide additional utility beyond a collectable.

The sustainable NFTs include characters of the game, M.R. Megawatt, ENVIROMAN, small Blocks, and Big Blocks. Utilizing TicketMint™ Technology, these collectables also provide varying in-game advertising credits and access to an exclusive sustainability store.

An NFT named ‘Hemp Power-UP’ (only 100 minted), will offer the ability to contribute towards planting additional Hemp plants in 2022 with 85% going directly to PURE Shenandoah – which can be monitored and verified publicly through blockchain technology.

Hemp is one of the fastest CO2-to-biomass conversion tools available making the production of hemp carbon negative.

Blockchain Energy Consumption & Sustainability

Many critics believe that the popularity of NFT’s has had, in general, an extremely negative environmental impact. This is especially true regarding popular unscaled platforms such as Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Although it’s extremely difficult to calculate the exact carbon emission associated with NFT’s, there are a few tools and resources available to evaluate the CO2 footprints. Carbon.FYI, a CO2 footprint calculator for Ethereum has received backlash from the ETH community due to highlighting the heavy footprint and inefficiency of the network.

On October 28th 2021, a pixelated NFT character called “CryptoPunk 9998” (one of 3849 female punks) was ‘sold’ for $532 million dollars in a publicity stunt. According to the Carbon.FYI calculator, this single NFT ‘fake’ contract is already responsible for 446,440 kilograms of CO2 emissions.

Daugherty believes that the underlying blockchain technology must be secure, stable and provide unbounded scale along with real-world utility otherwise the energy consumption is grossly unnecessary.

“As a game, M.R. Megawatt emphasizes that in blockchain, scaling equals sustainability, paving the way for blockchain to provide disruptive new utility and efficiency. The cross-over from legacy technology to blockchain must be a positive one for humanity and the environment. The BSV Blockchain provides the underlying foundation for sustainable growth and beneficial economic impact. As more activity is driven to the network, the fees and carbon footprint per transaction continue to lower. Unlike other blockchains, the BSV Blockchain can serve as a global digital-ledger infrastructure.” said founder of Proof of ESG, and Blockchain Subject Matter Expert, Bryan Daugherty.

Upon comparison, the BSV and ETH blockchain capabilities differ considerably, in throughput capacity (5,124 vs 20), transaction fees per kilobyte ($.0002 vs $194), Kilowatt Hours per transaction (4 vs 62.56) as well as CO2 per transaction (2 vs 73.1). The same metrics are more amplified when comparing BSV to the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Core (BTC) as highlighted in a recent independent report “The search for a more efficient Bitcoin” by leading Canadian consulting firm MNP. They found that “BSV is the most efficient blockchain network when compared to the other SHA-256 proof-of-work.”

“As attention of blockchain and other digital ledger technologies grow, whether for novelties or enterprise transformation, we must align the excitement with honest Proof of ESG. In the same regard, as NFT’s and blockchain-based interactive games are developed, we hope that both creators and players will gravitate towards the most sustainable and environmental empowering technologies. M.R. Megawatt and Friends, is just a simple example of how much more utility can be delivered by a distributed-global blockchain that offers a stable, secure, open protocol powered by micropayments and extremely low fees. It is fantastic to host a platform where people can compete, have fun, and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time.” said Greg Ward, Game Creator and Chief Development Officer at SmartLedger, the world’s leading blockchain distribution channel.

This first series of M.R. Megawatt and Friend’s Sustainable NFT’s are exclusively available through the RelayX marketplace.

About Proof of ESG | The ESG Stamp Initiative

We believe that an honest ESG framework offers the ability to attract customers with more sustainable products; reduce cost, downtime and improve transparency; reduce regulatory and legal interventions; and improve organizational reputation, productivity, and organizational credibility.

About M.R. Megawatt & Friends

Join M.R. Megawatt & Friends in their adventure to offset carbon and seek sustainability. Jump over big blocks, collect hemp, and reduce your CO2.

About SmartLedger

With access to more than 250 patented and other blockchain innovations, SmartLedger helps its customers realize their full potential by implementing customized strategies using ground-breaking blockchain technologies.

About PURE Shenandoah

PURE Shenandoah understands that in order to create superior CBD oil, we need to control everything that goes into our products. Our partner farmers utilize our seed genetics and work with us every step of the way – allowing us to trace every single product back to the seed that it came from.

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