ExchangeRates.Pro starts Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency price comparison in 255 countries

ExchangeRates.Pro compares prices of Bitcoin and 33 other Cryptocurrencies in 152 fiat currencies and “crypto to crypto” exchange rates:

· platform compares 200+ exchanges of all the types: trading platforms, P2P marketplaces, brokers
· all the exchanges are thoroughly checked by the staff reviewing profiles, testimonials, ratings, etc; all the possible fees are considered by the software
· application has a newbie-friendly interface with a lot of features, allowing to find deals whatever the user location and preferences are

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – A Next Level, Ltd launches a startup ExchangeRates.Pro that facilitates the process of finding an exchange for cryptocurrency users in 255 countries. Unlike the early days of Bitcoin, when finding a way to buy/sell cryptocurrency was a complex quest, today’s market has so many offers that the user can pick and choose. ExchangeRates.Pro aim is to help the clientele to make the best choice.

The software crawls exchanges of all the types including the P2P marketplaces; the number of supported services growths every day. All the offers conditions (minimal and maximal amounts, etc.) and extra fees (if any) are considered in the listing. Platform assigns the rating to offers based on various factors like users’ testimonials, reputation, some p2p-related risk factors, etc.

Designing the user-friendly, easy to understand interface is the company priority, the goal is to create UI that won’t confuse every “complete newbie to crypto”. Most of the visitors will find the most suitable deals right after accessing the website or after entering the desired amount. At the same time, there are a lot of options to sort and filter the offers based on payment systems or bank (there are over 300 to choose from) preferences, KYC policy, rating, etc. It’s all up to the visitor – to pick an offer precisely based on a number of details or just take the one with the best rate, the highest rating, etc.

The following releases will be planned considering all the users’ feedback. The company decided to start the first version as early as possible to make sure that the most advanced features will be designed exactly the way the audience prefers.

“Although we have a huge to-do list and the first version is just a sketch of what we are building, we invite the community to try ExchageRates.Pro and give us any feedback. I am rather a newbie at Crypto myself and bought my first coins with the help of our comparison engine. I will be happy to present all the interface- and feature- related ideas to the developers, everyone is welcome!” — Irina B, SMM & PR at A Next Level, Ltd

Visit the website for details.

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