Institutional exchange DRIVE Markets now supports Bitcoin SV (BSV)

DRIVE Markets offering Bitcoin SV (BSV) Trading

DRIVE Markets wants to entice speculative traders away from the $5 trillion forex market to the massive return potential and volatility of crypto. 

DRIVE Markets will be offering spot trading in BSV/USD, plus deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin SV (BSV). This will quickly be expanded to include spot trading in:







About DRIVE Markets

DRIVE Markets is a crypto and fiat exchange, built on forex technology First Derivatives and MetaTrader, which offers a smooth transition to crypto trading.

DRIVE is also developing DRIVE Pay, a multi-protocol, real-time remittance and gross settlement network for crypto and fiat currencies. DRIVE Pay will be built using the BSV blockchain.

BSV is the only coin with a blockchain that scales (now), has utility (now) and is committed to a set-in-stone protocol for developers to build on (return to original Bitcoin protocol to be completed by February 2020). BSV is also the only coin that adheres to the original Bitcoin white paper. In short, BSV is Bitcoin.

The techy bit. To explain why scaling matters in blockchain technology for enterprise usage, we called in Steve Shadders, nChain’s Chief Technology Officer and Technical Director of the Bitcoin SV Node team: “BSV has the scaling plan necessary to support enterprise blockchain applications, which is why it should be of interest to professional and institutional investors. Earlier this year, BSV’s blockchain witnessed not one, but two, 128MB record-setting blocks – the world’s largest ever on a public blockchain. What does that mean? The coin wrongly referred to as ‘Bitcoin’ [BTC] has a 1MB block cap which restricts the growth and speed of transactions on that blockchain – in fact, strangles it! BSV can already handle 300+ transactions per second comfortably and proves that massive on-chain scaling works the way Bitcoin was always intended, this capacity is being continually expanded and is expected to cross 1000+ transactions per second in the coming months. On July 24, the BSV network undergoes a key protocol upgrade which lifts its default block cap to 2 gigabytes (2000 MBs), opening up far more capacity than any other blockchain project. And we are building towards a future of terabyte (1 million MB) size blocks, to process billions of transactions per second and become the global data ledger for business.”

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