Dish Network wants to patent blockchain-powered anti-piracy system

U.S. television provider Dish Network has filed a patent application for its anti-piracy management system. What this system does is that it’ll be making use of blockchain to allow owners to monitor how their contents will be utilized.

As it stands, this application will be outlining a system which will enable users to get an identification mark. This identification will be placed into the code of the content.

Owners will be able to store their content and even update it regularly with the help of a distributed ledger. Dish believes the development will better track and even enforce rights of ownership.

The company also said that the proposal will alert platforms whenever their contents are used without the appropriate permission.

The major issue with streaming online is that it’s hard to fight against content piracy. Moreover, the distribution platforms are too much for content owners to track effectively.

While contents that are unauthorized can be swiftly pulled down once noticed, it will most likely have already been viewed by millions already. So, the anti-piracy system of Dish Network will provide ways to combat this problem.

Blockchain brings more to the table

The filing was initially carried out in July 2018. But, blockchain will be utilized in a bid to get more things embedded. These additions reportedly include ownership data, the name of the owner and contact information. The additions will be used on the content that can only be uploaded and modified by the owners.

The main concept behind it is that it’ll offer distribution platforms an authentic reference point. Furthermore, this reference point will ensure that all the data being published are authorized in a proper manner.

This Anti-Piracy Management System will act as a means to effectively monitor copyright as well as aid in taking swift actions against those publishers that make use of content without permission.

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