Department of Commerce looking to hire blockchain specialist

Department of Commerce looking to hire blockchain specialist

While the use of blockchain technology has quickly captivated financial institutions and crypto exchanges, it has also caught the attention of the U.S. government. Many agencies within the government have turned to the use of blockchain technology or at least have offered grants to aid in that development, and now the U.S. Department of Commerce appears to be on board as well.

On August 12, the Department of Commerce offered a position of computer scientist specifically dedicated to blockchain systems and development on the website. The applicant is not only expected to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, but to have at least one year of specialized experience in setting up blockchain test beds and analyzing blockchain technologies, crypto ledgers, and crypto contracts.

The intention of the hire appears to be focused on managing cryptocurrency identification. The applicant is expected to have experience in research and development of cybersecurity technologies, which may be a hint that the department is also looking to find a developer who can assist the Commerce Department in removing fraud and other potential illegalities related to crypto-assets.

The Department of Commerce joins a growing number of government agencies looking to use this technology. On July 30, the Department of Defense was exploring the use of blockchain technology for securing messages as well as developing code that cannot be hacked because of the use of the technology.

Two weeks later, the Department of Energy offered a $1.05 million grant to four different organizations to help develop a new blockchain-based energy platform. The DOE had already been looking to use this technology to protect supply chains and had partnered with the security firm Taekion to help develop this technology.

The Department of Energy has actually been the most active in seeking to use blockchain-based technologies. At the beginning of 2019, they had set aside $4.8 million in grants for universities to research and develop projects that would use this technology to help him improve the efficiency and security of the energy infrastructure. It was expected that 12 different projects would be funded using the money.

Those who are interested in the Department of Commerce position are required to visit the website to apply. A person must not only meet the educational and experience qualifications for the position but must also pass a security clearance and background check. All further requirements are listed at the website for those who are interested in applying.

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