Dave Rubin begins accepting crypto donations

Dave Rubin begins accepting crypto donations

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There’s been a lot of build up to this moment, but it’s finally happened. Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report, tweeted on January 7 that he’s finally leaving Patreon for good, and included a Bitcoin Core (BTC) address for his 500,000 followers to donate to. His website also now includes donation addresses for both BTC and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

This comes after a long buildup of complaints from the YouTube talk show host against the funding platform. Patreon has been under fire since banning conservative author Robert Spencer back in August, and right wing voices like Rubin became more concerned when the platform shutdown Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin) in early December. At that time, Rubin and Jordan Peterson discussed in a video their plans to move away from Patreon to avoid having their own revenue streams cut.

This is no small decision from Rubin. As of that December video, he estimated that between 60 to 70% of his funding came from Patreon. Either his numbers have taken a huge hit from right wing audiences leaving the platform, or he’s just that principled.

Rubin seems to be a bit of a newcomer to crypto funding, with some fans giving him advice on Twitter on how to responsibly handle his new digital donations. In the long run, he may want to take a hard look at Bitcoin SV (BSV) and the Metanet.

The Metanet is being built to serve exactly the need that Rubin and Peterson have. Their fears are about securing funding and avoiding censorship. As the Metanet is powered by the BSV blockchain, they can be safe in knowing that their content will be secure and accessible forever. With no gatekeeper, they can express their freedom of speech in the way they want to, and their fans can access that content quickly and easily.

Dr. Craig Wright, who is leading the space with his vision on the matter, recently broke down quite well how the Metanet can serve content creators like Rubin. Since he’s new to the crypto space and a fan of new ideas, maybe the talk show host can check it out.

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