Crypto market daily report – July 2, 2019

Crypto market daily report – April 24, 2019

The cryptocurrency markets experienced a considerable crash over the past 24 hours with almost all of the major coins demonstrating double-digit decreases. Strangely enough, Bitcoin Core (BTC) held its own and was only down by less than 1% to the $5,430 level at press time. Ethereum (ETH) lost rather more heavily and was down by around 6% to the $163 level at press time with the currency losing its previously strong support at the $170 mark.

Other currencies with larger market caps also suffered the effects of the bear. Ripple (XRP) fell below the $0.30 for the first time in two months, although it has to be said that its performance lately left much to be desired with only minuscule movements up or down. Litecoin (LTC) also dropped heavily by around 8% at press time and was trading at the $71 level on Wednesday morning which represented an 8% decline. BCHABC was also down by close to 10% and was trading at just over the $270 level at press time. Bitcoin SV (BSV) was also down by a considerable 9% to a 2019 low of around $52.

Stellar (XLM), NEO and EOS also suffered steep drops with the former once again dropping below the $0.11 mark and was trading at $0.104 at press time. NEO was down to under the $10 mark and traded at $9.90, whilst EOS dropped below the $5 mark for the first time this year. Cardano (ADA) also continued dropping to below the $0.075 level, whilst IOTA was down 7% at just over the $0.28 mark.

Smaller market cap coins also suffered considerable declines with the only exception being BAT which was up by around 3%. The steepest drops were experienced by IOST which was down by a staggering 16%, with ZIL only just behind with a drop of 14%. ETC, TRON, VET, BNB and ICX were all down by 8% to 11% respectively.

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