Centi to integrate with leading payment provider Payrexx

Centi to integrate with leading payment provider Payrexx, over 50.000 businesses stand to benefit from cheaper transaction fees

28rd March 2023 – Zürich, Switzerland – Shortly after launching its Swiss franc stablecoin, pioneering Swiss payments startup Centi is now announcing that it will soon be integrated with Payrexx, the easiest online payment platform for small business.

From April the 50,000 existing Payrexx customers will be able to benefit from the lowest transaction fees in Switzerland by offering Centi as a payment method and seamlessly accepting the Swiss franc stablecoin via their Payrexx integration.

With a totally new payment processing infrastructure, Centi uniquely combines the low transaction costs of a high-performance blockchain with the security of a Swiss bank guarantee.

Centi is also committed to promoting financial inclusion for all, and it enables users to top up the Centi app with cash, so that anyone who was previously excluded from e-commerce due to their lack of credit cards or physical bank accounts will be able to access new offerings.

As a secure and user-friendly payment processing solution, Payrexx’s functions are simple and intuitive. Merchants can design their online shop, create QR payment codes, start donation campaigns, and so much more, without the need for any programming knowledge nor any additional contracts. Compatible with all common shop systems (Shopware, WooCommerce, Magento, etc) and CMS, Payrexx is the quickest way for SME, businesses, nonprofit and public sector organizations as well as freelancers to start selling with same-day verification. Payrexx simplifies traditionally complex merchant-provider relationships with providers by taking over the liaising role and offering all important payment methods through just one contract.

Through the partnership between Centi and Payrexx, merchants will be able to increase their profits while customers might even pay less for the same products, as the elimination of third-party involvement could drive down impacted consumer prices impacted by payment processing costs.

Centi co-founder Ralf Zellweger says: “Too often merchants face the challenge of integrating new means of payment – their websites need to integrate the new technology and billing processes may need to adapt. By working with Payrexx, merchants can easily accept the Centi Franc as a means of payment and immediately benefit from the lowest transaction fees in the industry without the need for integrations or adjustments to accounting principles. Payrexx merchants can also realize additional sales through people who do not have a bank account or a credit card.”

Payrexx CEO Ivan Schmid says: “The partnership with Centi is very interesting for our e-commerce merchants because it is a simple and affordable micropayment payment method. Micropayment, the processing of small value payments, will become more important in the future as digital and online services become more popular (for example, music and video streaming, online gaming or digital media content). For small payments, traditional payment methods such as credit cards, Twint or bank transfers can incur disproportionately high transaction fees. Micropayment with Centi is therefore a more cost-effective alternative, as the fees are lower and the transactions can be processed faster,” Ivan Schmid, CEO of Payrexx, continued.

More information can be found here: Centi and Payrexx.

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About Centi

Centi is a pioneering Web3 payment infrastructure startup that aims to make blockchain technology usable for society. Centi does this in a unique way, using a high-performance payment processing blockchain running a self-issued stablecoin. This in turn is secured with a Swiss bank guarantee. With direct payment processing from buyer to seller, Centi represents a real alternative to the expensive credit card industry and its outdated 4-party system. With Centi, savings of up to 99% can be made compared to the credit card industry.

About Payrexx

Payrexx enables anyone to sell easily and instantly across all online channels. No programming knowledge or your own website is required to accept payments by credit card. Regardless of whether you sell products, services, online tickets or vouchers, collect membership fees or organize fundraising projects, companies can get started immediately with the innovative tools from Payrexx. Payrexx is the only provider in Switzerland to offer all major Swiss payment methods from a single source, with an acceptance contract, and guarantees maximum payment security in accordance with the strictest PCI-DSS Level 1 guidelines.

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