Build Metanet applications with Metaglue

Build Metanet applications with Metaglue

Developers who are considering building applications on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain now have an even easier way to achieve their goals. BitMesh has introduced a new solution for app construction, Metaglue, that is being heralded as the “world’s first Metanet app development platform.” The goal is to make BSV development as simple as possible in order to facilitate the blockchain’s advance in the Bitcoin ecosystem as a primary tool with flexible capabilities.

Metaglue provides a mechanism for the creation of Metanet applications and includes a wallet layer that gives developers the ability to construct their apps even without complete knowledge of how Metanet works or what it is.  BitMesh explains on its Metaglue webpage, “Metaglue allows developers build Metanet applications without having to build another wallet, which costs enormous amount of time and resource. Metanet allows users to store all their onchain data in a structured manner. Metaglue solution also allows developers to customize their payment button styles to ensure the button looks aligned with [overall] design language of the product.”

The solution incorporates a built-in mobile wallet that provides access to Metanet applications simply by scanning a QR code. It includes an API (application programming interface) that covers several functions, createMetaNode, createSiplePayment, getUserInfo and goLogin. There’s a second API that allows for events to be combining events into one and a third that provides an overview of user statuses – not logged in, log in authorization and logged in.

Metanet is an ambitious endeavor on the BSV blockchain that can only be described as the Internet on steroids, making use of a linked Metanet protocol. Jack Davies, a researcher with nChain, recently offered an explanation, which sums it up perfectly. He stated, “The Metanet protocol … is a tool that can allow the on-chain data used in these [Metanet] applications — and many more in the future — to be woven together. We thereby allow disparate on-chain data to be structured in ways that improve the functionality of the applications they are powering and help achieve the mission of allowing users to truly own their data on the Metanet.”

It is designed to enhance data sharing and accessibility and to provide better transparency of information that is presented. That information can be in the form of almost any type and, just like there are a number of solutions to easily create Internet-based platforms using conventional code, Metaglue is the first application-building application that will substantially help Metanet grow and become the new standard.

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