BSV ecosystem spotlight: SatoPlay launches its first third-party title

SatoPlay is a casual gaming platform built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Founded in September 2019, the project saw its first two games launched just months later, in December of the same year. Now in 2020, SatoPlay has welcomed its latest addition, “Leap Day Birds, a title built by third-party developer Momo Game Studio – a significant step, demonstrating that SatoPlay has officially entered the “open platform” stage, where third-party developers can integrate their own games to the platform easily, including web games based off Cocos/Laya or independent apps based on Unity/Unreal.

The team behind SatoPlay is located in Guangdong, China and consists of four experienced game designers and developers, all of whom have worked at major game studios. The project began with a single developer, Gu Lu, who founded SatoPlay. He had tried developing several games on the blockchain prior, but when he saw the potential of infinite scaling on Bitcoin SV, he targeted his energy into developing an open platform for games which harnessed the power of the BSV blockchain.

Utilising the unique capabilities of BSV, players’ scores can be uploaded to the BSV blockchain, where they are immutable and unchangeable, after which they can be entered into a series of ranking competitions. In addition, in-game items are available for purchase as gamers progress in the game, while further rewards are given based on daily ranking. The rewards come from the revenue that the items being used generate, creating an intra-platform incentive cycle that adds layers to games, while presenting new challenges for players.

In the 3 months since the platform was launched, the number of registered users has grown to surpass 14,000, with a daily active user base of 500 – many of whom are loyal users that log on every day. For users who already hold BSV, they can directly log into the platform and make purchases with their MoneyButton or DotWallet accounts. For those who are new to BSV, they can join through SatoPlay’s built-in interface with WeChat Pay and AliPay. This enables a user experience no different from existing mainstream gaming platforms, helping to eliminate barriers to entry for new users.

“Our goal is not just a few trendy games,” says Lu. “Our goal is to create an open gaming platform for more games to launch and for gamers to have fun. Existing developers can swiftly deploy their products on the BSV network through SatoPlay and improve their game’s fairness, as well as enabling micropayment rewards for users. To further streamline the launch process for third-party developers, SatoPlay has built up the login system and in-game purchase channels, providing onchain processing for all aspects of a game.”

To date, SatoPlay has finished testing and will launch on Google Play and the Apple Store in April and May respectively. Following the launch, SatoPlay intends to explore how best to incentivize third-party collaboration and the development of further services onchain, so that game developers can become a part of the BSV ecosystem more easily.

Contact SatoPlay:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @satoplay1

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