bitflyer hopes to make crypto buying and selling easier in the EU

Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer may have had some difficulty adjusting once crypto began to become popular, but the company has since developed a platform that offers better protection for its users and which continues to advance across the globe. Product improvement is the key to the success of any business and bitFlyer is ready to introduce new services to its customers in the European Union (EU) that are designed to make trading even better and faster.

According to a blog post from the company, bitFlyer has introduced a product dubbed Direct Buy/Sell. It describes the service as a “simple, intuitive way to buy and sell [cryptocurrencies] with USD.” It allows a buy or sell transaction to be conducted in three steps, and also provides execution history of all recent transactions on the platform. 

The way bitFlyer was previously set up for European customers, it offered its Lightning platform as a marketplace for traders. However, the new service allows traders to buy and sell directly with bitFlyer, giving them the ability to conduct transactions of up to 20 Bitcoin Core.

Andy Bryant, the chief operating officer for bitFlyer Europe, explains, “bitFlyer Buy/Sell is a virtual currency exchange for everyone – with simple two-click buy and sell capability. Not only is bitFlyer Buy/Sell easy to use, but with us users have the confidence that they are using a trusted, regulated platform with long-standing global heritage.”

The company further offers, “In addition to buying and selling bitcoin, users will be able to review historical price data, and set alerts that will notify them once the price moves above or below their indicated price. Additionally, Direct Buy/Sell users will enjoy existing features such as sending and receiving bitcoin, account funding via ACH, and more – all supported with the level of security and expertise that has defined our company since we were founded in Japan in 2014.”

Support for additional currencies and new products are going to be introduced over the course of the following months. bitFlyer indicates that it will also introduce new features to “improve the overall BitFlyer experience” and add value for consumers.

bitFlyer has a presence in its home country, as well as in the EU and across the U.S.; however, its exchange operations are kept independent. Its U.S. exchange was one of the first to receive a BitLicense in New York and its EU exchange is regulated by separate laws that prevent U.S. traders from using the European platform.

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