Bettergram launches as Telegram for crypto

Bettergram launches as Telegram for crypto

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Bettergram, a desktop version of the Telegram messaging service for Mac users, has become the latest app to offer dedicated features for the cryptocurrency space, as it aims to challenge the core Telegram app as the go-to choice for the cryptocurrency community.

Described as a “fork of the Telegram client” for Mac, it joins a similar build for PC, with mobile versions thought to be in the works. In addition to the core Telegram functionality, Bettergram offers a number of enhancements specifically designed for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Telegram has become the de facto network of choice for discussions around cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings (ICOs), with the flexibility and network effect of hundreds of millions of users helping the platform beat the alternatives to become the primary messaging platform of the cryptocurrency world.

The Bettergram app seeks to build on the frequently highlighted flaws in the Telegram platform, to provide a more customisable solution for cryptocurrency users.

A built-in cryptocurrency price checker makes it simple for users to check price information at a glance, while Bettergram also looks at ways of overcoming the key frustrations and pain points experienced by Telegram users. These include regular downtime, limited scope for customisations based on user requirements, and more control over groups and pinning chats, upping the limit from Telegram’s 5 pins to a much more healthy 50.

The Live Coin Watch feature charts a top 10 cryptocurrency list, providing a quick snapshot of cryptocurrency markets within the app.

The software is open source, with its code passing an independent audit. However, users are reminded to exercise caution when interacting with any third party software—particularly when it involves sharing cryptocurrency wallets and other information that may be sensitive to theft attempts.

Nevertheless, the Mac app has already proven a hit with users in the cryptocurrency community, providing a more specific feature set to appeal to speculators, investors and end users of cryptocurrencies.

Operable with existing Telegram account credentials, and linking in to the wider Telegram platform of over 200 million users worldwide, Bettergram provides a seamless, more powerful alternative to Telegram for Mac and PC desktop.

With mobile apps in the offing, and a welcome audience in cryptocurrency circles, the app looks set to gain even more traction with users over the coming weeks and months.

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