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VIP Reception in UAE’s Ras Al-khaimah to shine light on BSV blockchain adoption in the Middle East

As BSV blockchain adoption in the Middle East continues to soar, the BSV Blockchain Association is slated to hold a VIP Reception in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) this week to shine a spotlight on how the massively scaling blockchain network can be integrated into diverse applications in the private and public sector.

The reception will be held on Saturday, October 8, at the InterContinental Ras Al Khaimah Resort and Spa, featuring an exclusive invite-only guest list. This will include key decision makers in the Middle Eastern country, C-level executives, members of the Royal family and members of the media.

The event will feature one-on-one networking sessions for the guests where they will get to interact with some of the Bitcoin industry’s thought leaders.

It will also feature presentations and panel discussions by distinguished speakers including the BSV Blockchain Association’s Marcin Zarakowski, Domineum co-founders Mohammed Jega and Geoffrey Weli-Wosu, UNISOT founder Stephan Nilsson, SmartLedger’s Bryan Daugherty and TimeChain Labs founder Rohan Sharan.

Commenting on the event, Muhammad Salman Anjum, who serves as the BSV MENA Hub lead, stated, “The BSV Hub for the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia is working on several blockchain education and implementation projects to drive innovation in the UAE.”

“This event will include the rolling out of training programme in the Ras Al Khaimah to orient government decision makers and educate local developers and entrepreneurs on the capabilities of the BSV blockchain – an initiative that has already received great interest in the country.”

The Middle East has emerged as one of the key regions for blockchain adoption globally, with countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE rising to become global blockchain powerhouses. The two countries have set big goals for blockchain integration and are aggressively working towards them.

BSV has been wholly embraced in the region and is being integrated in academia, public services, private institutions, startups and more. The success of this year’s BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai, which was the biggest conference so far, proved that the region is ready to embrace the only blockchain network that scales unbounded and at the lowest fees.

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