Latest BSV Pitch News

BSV Pitch 3 January 2020

The BSV Pitch: Ken Sato of Yen Point

Yen Point aims to provide the second layer of bitcoin for Japanese commerce, giving access to yen transactions on the BSV blockchain.

BSV Pitch 20 December 2019

The BSV Pitch: Connor Murray of TrueReviews

BSV-powered TrueReviews aims to address the incentive problem with online reviews to create a fairer, more effective way of gathering consumer reviews.

BSV Pitch 6 December 2019

The BSV Pitch: Rogelio Reyna of Binde

Rogelio Reyna said Binde is dedicated to improving productivity within legal tech on the Latin American continent through the use of blockchain, and specifically BSV.

BSV Pitch 22 November 2019

The BSV Pitch: Sunny Fung of Showpay

Developed specifically and exclusively for BSV and BSV-powered tokens, Showpay provides hardware and software platforms required to process payments at the point of sale.

BSV Pitch 15 November 2019

The BSV Pitch: Alan Borger of Agora

Alan Borger describes Agora as “a public square for the 21st century,” helping producers and consumers of data and skills interact more directly and reward contribution more effectively.

BSV Pitch 8 November 2019

The BSV Pitch: Xiaohui Liu of sCrypt

Speaking on the sidelines of the inaugural Pitch Day in Seoul, Xiaohui Liu said more startups should be pitching ideas to investors in order to get their ideas off the ground, at a time of increasing investor interest in Bitcoin SV innovation.