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Token Recovery launches end-to-end digital asset recovery service to help reclaim what’s yours

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ZUG, Switzerland, June 19, 2024 — Token Recovery proudly announces the launch of its end-to-end digital asset recovery service. With the aim to establish itself as the premier service for lost or stolen digital assets, they offer expert-led and innovative technology solutions to ensure the recovery of digital assets, restoring customer trust and confidence in the digital world by helping them reclaim what’s rightfully theirs.

Token Recovery’s is about more than just recovery. It is about merging legal insight with modern technology to help rightful owners confidently retrieve their assets.

Token Recovery’s services include:

1.  In-house expertise in blockchain investigations and crypto-asset recovery: Token Recovery has established relationships with various law firms and legal professionals for cross-jurisdictional cases and collaborates with various market players, including VASPs (Virtual Asset Service Providers), which carry out exchanges between virtual assets and fiat currencies, blockchain analytics companies providing tools for crypto asset tracking, law firms and law enforcement.

2.  Targeted analysis of multiple blockchain protocols, decentralized applications as well as obfuscation services (including mixers and tumblers): Recognising that there is no single, generic way to trace through all blockchain services, Token Recovery offers targeted analysis. Additionally, they analyse and trace crypto on niche and less popular blockchains.

3.  Token Recovery sets itself apart from larger firms that prioritise promoting a single in-house tool. Instead focusing on using whatever tools are necessary to trace the assets ensuring there are no limitations in the tools used for asset recovery

4.  Token Recovery has successfully traced through anonymisation services like Tornado Cash and Chip Mixer

5.  Expert witness services provided in courts (jurisdictions) around the world with high-quality reports

Token Recovery retrieves digital assets from all networks and allows them to be chain agnostic, providing a clear and dependable approach for today’s digital challenges. They stand as a confident and dedicated partner in the digital asset recovery space. Led by a team of seasoned professionals with technical and legal knowledge and expertise, Token Recovery empowers consumers with the knowledge that investing in digital assets can be made safer with the relevant checks and balances to ‘Reclaim What’s Theirs’ in the case of lost or stolen digital assets.

Marcin Zarakowski, CEO of Token Recovery said, “The current landscape for recovering lost or stolen blockchain-based assets is fraught with difficulties, which is often used by criminals and scammers. By bringing compliance and safety into the digital asset industry, Token Recovery helps to fulfill the blockchain’s promise of a fully realised digital economy, where fast peer-to-peer payments are possible, and assets of all kinds can be securely and efficiently tokenised.”

Token Recovery is committed to bringing compliance, accountability, and a solution to the industry for lost or stolen digital assets. As a member of the Crypto Valley Association, one of the oldest and most mature organisations grouping companies in the blockchain and digital asset, and the Global Blockchain Business Council, the largest organization in the field, Token Recovery will begin by providing its solutions for recovering lost/stolen digital assets to the association members.

For more information, visit the Token Recovery website.

About the Token Recovery Team

Marcin Zarakowski, CEO: A distinguished Attorney-at-law specialising in IP law, IT law, data protection, and AML/KYC, Marcin brings a wealth of expertise with unparalleled insight into the legal landscape surrounding blockchain technology.

Roman Bieda, Head of Investigations: A renowned Fraud investigator with expertise spanning both traditional and blockchain disciplines, Roman specialises in a spectrum of forensic investigations including hack, fraud, murder, terrorism, espionage, e-discovery and more.

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