thomas hoiby on granath v wright trial

Thomas Høiby shares his views on Granath v Wright trial in Oslo

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As Granath v Wright goes into its sixth day, Norwegian YouTuber Thomas Høiby shares his thoughts on the trial so far. “I have no doubt in my mind,” he says about Dr. Wright being Satoshi Nakamoto.

No doubt remains for Thomas Høiby

Høiby begins by saying that he’s been watching the trial intently daily from inside the courtroom. He says that many of the puzzle pieces are coming together, and he no longer has any doubt that Dr. Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. He says he already knew this, but seeing the trial unfold has only reaffirmed his position.

Telling his Bitcoin story, Høiby says he discovered Bitcoin when he visited London for his grandmother’s birthday several years ago. He saw a Bitcoin ATM and became fascinated by the price and the opportunity to make money betting on coins. He believes that the price keeps people interested but has discovered that the technology is much more important.

When Bitcoin got hijacked

In 2017, the Norwegian says he noticed an attempt to replace the mechanisms that govern Bitcoin, those being nodes, with social consensus. At this point, sending transactions on the network was already impossible, and the fees were prohibitive. He was dissatisfied with this and was interested in Bitcoin Cash’s plan to scale the network to make it useful.

Høiby says that while he wasn’t around before that, he has friends who were early Bitcoiners who have told him it used to work great. This made him wonder what happened, and he discovered the sinister plot to hijack and disable Bitcoin and shift the narrative to Bitcoin as a ‘store of value.’

Discovering Dr. Craig Wright

Høiby soon found Dr. Craig Wright and liked how he debunked various scams and pitched Bitcoin as a universal truth machine. He says that, while it’s taking a while, Dr. Wright is slowly getting the truth out and that it has the potential to change things for the better in a big way.

Høiby believes that the world would have been better off not knowing who Satoshi was, but he also says that Dr. Wright had no choice but to come forward after being doxxed in 2015. He urges people to listen to Bitcoin’s inventor and realize its potential. “There’s no need for the casino that is crypto,” he tells us, admitting he has developed a gambling problem by trading altcoins for years.

“BSV can do it all, including microtransactions,” Høiby reminds us.

This realization will end most other blockchains and coins, which have caused Høiby and many others to become addicted to trading for supposedly easy gains.

Magnus Granath is a bully, and bullying is not okay

Circling back to the case at hand, Høiby says it is clear that Granath is a bully. He says this is an embarrassment for Norway and that while Granath plays the free speech card, free speech comes with responsibilities.

Wrapping up, Høiby reflects that the one man who has tried to help the world by implementing a better system for money and data has been relentlessly bullied for years. “This is a test for the Norwegian legal system. Bullying is not OK,” he concluded.

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