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Fishy mining with Ocean pool illustration
Editorial 5 December 2023

Fishy mining with Ocean pool

In 2011, Dashjr started one of the first Bitcoin mining pools called "Eligius," presumably named after the patron saint of gold—this pool was later resurrected under the name "Ocean."

logo of hodlocker
Tech 30 November 2023

HODL Monitor optimizes how we consume information

The idea of HODL Monitor is for users to receive push notifications and quickly consume locked, on-chain content without visiting or any other interface that supports locking.

CoinGeek Discussions Episode 18
Interviews 6 December 2023

What’s up with the blockchain space?

On the latest CoinGeek Discussions, hosts Zach Weiner and Alex Vidal tackle the biggest news in the blockchain space, the latest developments, and what guests envision to be blockchain's impact in the future.

close up image of bitcoin placed on blue circuit board
Tech 29 November 2023

Bitcoin is the exchange

sCrypt released a blog and implementation of token limit orders using Bitcoin script—an evolution of the on-chain Order Lock technology, allowing purchases of tokens and NFTs directly on-chain.