Robin deLisser and Daniel Wagner appointed as BSV

Robin deLisser and Daniel Wagner appointed as BSV Ambassadors for the US

The BSV blockchain’s Switzerland-based global industry organisation today announces the appointment of two new BSV Ambassadors as part of its global ambassador programme. Robin deLisser and Daniel Wagner have both been appointed as BSV Ambassadors for the United States.

BSV Ambassadors work to raise awareness and improve understanding of the BSV blockchain and its corresponding digital currency within their respective regions, as well as the power of the BSV network protocol to enable a massively scaled distributed data and payments network around the world. With today’s additions to association’s global ambassador roster, there are now 34 BSV Ambassadors representing 31 different countries and territories around the world.

Robin deLisser is an experienced blockchain entrepreneur and an active voice in BSV, helping to promote awareness personally and through Women of BSV. deLisser has twenty years of experience in technology and executive management recruitment through her boutique agency, EMPOWER, and she has been instrumental in bringing major events like TedX to South Florida. Through her strong relationships with business and government in Miami, deLisser is one of the co-founders of the BSV South Florida Citadel, established to generate and attract new developer talent to the ecosystem.

Daniel Wagner is the Co-founder of Haste Arcade, the world’s first Instant Leaderboard Payout (ILP) arcade, which is built on the BSV blockchain and allows users to earn money from their high scores through microtransactions. Prior to this, he co-founded Barpay in 2015, which has since grown to become an industry leading mobile ordering and payment service for in-venue dining at bars, restaurants, and hotels, as well as digital menus, with more than 10,000 accounts throughout the United States.

Robin deLisser and Daniel Wagner share extensive experience in the blockchain industry and are an invaluable part of BSV blockchain ecosystem, helping to drive adoption and awareness of the global enterprise blockchain platform in the United States.

Speaking on today’s announcement, Founding President of BSV blockchain’s association, Jimmy Nguyen commented:

‘The United States is an active and important region within the BSV ecosystem, and we are pleased to announce Robin deLisser and Daniel Wagner as our newest BSV Ambassadors for the country. Wagner and deLisser are passionate about the revolutionary capabilities of the BSV blockchain to deliver a new Internet of value and have been instrumental in growing adoption and awareness of the BSV blockchain across the country through their respective ventures. As BSV Ambassadors, they will work to educate developers, enterprise and government about the BSV blockchain and its ground-breaking capabilities as a scalable data network protocol.’

Commenting on his appointment as a BSV Ambassador for the United States, Daniel Wagner said:

‘The BSV blockchain offers exciting new business cases and ways to create value for consumers and businesses through its low transaction fees, support for microtransactions and scalable, reliable protocol. As a BSV Ambassador for the United States I aim to improve the adoption of this revolutionary technology in the region and to grow awareness and education of the many applications being developed on the platform.’

Also commenting on her appointment as a BSV Ambassador for the United States, Robin deLisser said:

‘BSV is the only public blockchain to offer unbounded scaling, low transaction fees and a stable protocol while supporting complex smart contracts, making it the perfect platform on which to build the next-generation Internet. I am passionate about driving mass adoption of the BSV blockchain and am thrilled to collaborate with local businesses, developers and legislators to help build the BSV ecosystem in my new role as BSV Ambassador for the United States.’

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About the BSV Blockchain

BSV is the ideal blockchain for enterprise and government projects. With unbounded on-chain scaling, the BSV blockchain meets the needs of large-scale technology applications: high transaction volumes, fast speed, predictable low fees, micropayment capabilities, and greater data capacity. Its powerful technical capabilities enable smart contracts, tokenization, IoT device management, computation and more. As a public ledger, BSV also enables transparency, auditability and more honesty for governments, citizens and enterprises. Applications on BSV now span a wide array of industry sectors – media & entertainment, social media, online games, Metaverse/AR/VR, digital advertising, data integrity, ID management, government services, supply chain, accounting, RegTech, distributed network intelligence, Internet of Things, and financial services. BSV also supports an environment-friendly and regulation-compliant blockchain ecosystem that enterprises and governments want.

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