Erik Gibbs

Real-time API for Bitcoin BCH released

Unwriter is at it again. The prolific cryptocurrency developer announced on on Wednesday a new development that has incredible possibilities. He has created a new application programming interface (API) called Bitsocket, a “powerful bitcoin push notification infrastructure for building real-time event driven bitcoin applications.”

According to Unwriter, “Bitsocket lets you subscribe to any pattern of [real-time Bitcoin] transactions through Bitquery to build [real-time Bitcoin] event driven apps.” He adds that the Bitquery data can then be used to create the push notification.

Bitsocket can transform incoming transactions into a structured format in real time. It then can apply a real-time in-memory filter combined with a transform function to convert the transaction object into an application-specific event for clients. Unwriter further explains, “This content-addressed pubsub model (unlike traditional location-addressed models like a regular websockets app) is important. It means you can seamlessly switch out one bitsocket node to another and your app will function exactly the same because every bitsocket node is identical and your client is subscribed to the server-independent immutable query instead of being married to a specific server endpoint.”

The transformed event is then pushed to the corresponding application using a Server Sent Event. Any apps—mobile, web, hardware or server-side—can be the target. These apps can then trigger another app, making Bitsocket one of the most powerful and versatile APIs in the community.

Unwriter provides several real-world examples where this API can be beneficial. Real-time apps can be created that are virtually the same as “IF-THEN” statements in basic computer programming. Third-party APIs, including Github, text messaging or even Twitter, can be triggered through simple configurations.

It is also possible to create a trigger that sends cryptocurrency based on a certain event. Bitcoin BCH transactions themselves can be used as Inter Process Communications (IPC). Bitsocket can allow a developer to configure an app to send an event to another app directly through a transaction. “This way it becomes possible to build a group of completely independent applications from multiple parties that autonomously talk to one another using Bitcoin as the central message bus and bitcoin transactions as inter process calls,” details Unwriter.

Unwriter is behind several high-profile Bitcoin BCH projects, such as Chainfeed, and the With his latest development, the entire Bitcoin BCH ecosystem just became substantially more versatile and its power much more realized.

Note: Tokens on the Bitcoin Core (SegWit) chain are referenced as SegWitCoin BTC coins. Altcoins, which value privacy, anonymity, and distance from government intervention, are referenced as dark coins.

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