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nChain CEO Christen Ager-Hanssen invites you to join his mission to change the world

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Sharing our positive energy is the strongest force of nature in existence. Magical, amazing things happen when this energy surrounds us, such as the recurring “the stars are aligned” moments I’ve witnessed in my work environment these past couple of months.

From the moment I met Christen Ager-Hanssen, it was apparent he possessed an energy and passion like no other, and it radiated throughout the room. I’ve been dying for an opportunity to do an interview together since that first meeting six months ago, and here we are, four months after he came on board as the Group CEO of nChain.

I hope our readers will take 10 minutes to watch this interview to experience Ager-Hanssen’s energy and understand his vision for nChain and how it will impact the greater BSV blockchain ecosystem. Here’s a quick summary to give you an idea of what topics we cover.

Ager-Hanseen kicked off our conversation by providing an overview of how he entered the ecosystem in the first place. After stumbling into it, he recognized BSV blockchain as the only ecosystem that can scale, the exact reason why he took the job with nChain in the first place.

“We need to have a very simple strategy to complete the internet, which we have because we are really the plumbing of everything in the internet. We have a web2 to web3 transformation. It means take a company and turn them from whatever blockchain or from the traditional web2 space into the web3 with our technology,” Ager-Hanssen said.

“That means everything from companies like Hitachi or Siemens or everyone with IoT devices, etc…we are the only one that can deliver that solution, and that’s the future,” he added.

As of late, nChain has been revealing a collection of strategic partnerships with smaller companies in the BSV blockchain space, all a part of Ager-Hanssen’s vision for the greater ecosystem.

“Put it this way—you have 800 projects in our ecosystem, and I compare it like this: I’m actually the headmaster in the nursery, so I’m the headmaster of these 800 kids. And what I try to do is I choose the 20 super kids in this ecosystem, and we bet on them. Our goal is to turn them into unicorns or decacorns, and we will do that,” he promised.

“But our success comes from actually helping the right companies like Gate2Chain or other companies to become that unicorn or decacorn. And that’s what we’re doing within our ecosystem. They’re inventing based on our technology,” Ager-Hanssen confirmed.

Gate2Chain develops web3 solutions and makes it easy for enterprises to plug in and unlock the power of BSV blockchain technology, which is exactly what nChain is looking for. I had a fantastic time with the Gate2Chain team during their Blockchain and Tourism conference in Mallorca last year, an experience I will never forget due to their high-class hospitality. Naturally, I was delighted with the news that they recently joined the nChain family with a Strategic Partnership and a 20% acquisition deal.

“We bet on the right people, the right team, and Gate2Chain and Bart and his team are just amazing, and that’s why we betted on them because they have the right application, they make it easy to move on to our chain, and they also have Minta, a marketplace for creators, they also have this duplicate twin, which I think is brilliant and we can get it into the market,” Ager-Hanssen explained.

“I guarantee that’s a unicorn, and our success is turning them into that unicorn. And they need help. They are a limited number of people. We have the access to those enterprises that need their solutions, and we’re going to make sure that they succeed. And that’s partnership. That’s what partnership is all about,” he added.

For anyone who follows Ager-Hanssen’s movements on social media, they know he often refers to nChain as “the plumbing,” “The DNA of Blockchain,” a company that “empowers”. But what does all of this really mean?

“Facebook, Instagram, you are all the product, and they make money based on you. And web3 is very much empowering people. And we do it through our P2P technology where we actually can empower people through normal transactions,” Ager-Hanssen explained.

“And that’s not only carrying money, it’s really about carrying data…IoT devices need to communicate on a global public blockchain…web3 is a new generation of the internet that will change the world, disrupt, take away intermediates, and change so many things,” he said.

“That means that we get a much more efficient society, and that’s really building a social impact enterprise. And for me, it’s my passion. It’s not about the technology. It’s actually about changing the world and making it a better place to create the most impressive social impact enterprise in the world,” he added.

Anyone who knows Ager-Hanssen personally knows he’s incredibly motivated, sharp as a tack, and working at all hours, an absolute “machine,” as many of us say…and this is his secret.

“I believe that you need to be purpose-driven to create that energy. And I don’t need energy from anything. I generate my energy based on what I do. It means when I work harder, I get more energy; I get more energetic because I believe in what I do,” he said.

“So my advice is always, whatever you do in life, make sure that you believe in what you’re doing and have a purpose with it. If you’re purpose-driven, you can make anything happen and you will feed that energy to everyone around you, and you make it happen,” he advised.

For all the projects out there that are hoping to be one of the “super kids” in the ecosystem, this is Ager-Hanssen’s advice to you:

“Rule number one. Whatever people say, never give up.”

“Some people say the BSV ecosystem is just something that will disappear. It’s not. It’s there forever, and we will make an impact. And we need you. We need everyone that has an idea to build and use our technology in the best possible way. So you. I need you. You need us. Together we will rule this, and we will make the world a better place. It’s a big social impact movement you’re part of. So please join me on this journey the best possible way. I will do anything to help you,” he continued.

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