Misinformation and the myth of Satoshi

According to a recent Medium post written by Dr. Craig Wright, who has provided certain details to being Satoshi Nakamoto, most people have Bitcoin completely wrong. He asserts that Bitcoin was never originally designed for its current purpose, but that it has received an entirely new life from those who didn’t really understand it. 

Wright explains, “To some, it is easier; the myth to them becomes stronger than reality. There are many simple things that people can do and that could have been done, yet they have never been looked into. Unfortunately, the type of people who want many blockchains, sidechains, and the associated scam world of USENET penny share pink sheet dumps is also the type of people who seek something that Bitcoin is not.” They seek something else from Bitcoin because they never bothered to truly understand what Bitcoin was. 

This assertion has been seen numerous times in the Bitcoin industry, as people with limited knowledge on the subject have become overnight “experts” and believe that their opinions are synonymous with fact. However, these individuals have also been called out for their myths, with the real truth being exposed. 

Wright continues, “[Everyone wants] a story told by cypherpunks of a myth that cannot exist and a lie of Utopia they dream will bring equality and communist unity. The fact of the matter is: evidence is simple. They just don’t want you to see it. It doesn’t suit their false narrative.”

The Medium post is designed primarily to point out one thing—that many individuals have fallen victim to false narratives, either because of their own lack of education on a particular subject or because of their own gullibility. They haven’t bothered taking the time to explore the verifiable facts, instead choosing to jump on the bandwagon and follow the herd. That level of ignorance perpetuates the false narratives that have now become part of the Bitcoin picture, despite being completely unfounded. 

As Wright puts it, “It’s all too easy to make up myths. But the facts are much simpler and far easier to support… Enjoy your myth. Reality is always more interesting.”

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