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Luxury crypto concierge The White Company starts accepting Bitcoin Cash

The White Company, a luxury cryptocurrency concierge service, has announced they are now accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH), becoming the latest company to appreciate the unique benefits of BCH.

The New York based company, which is entirely unrelated to the UK-based company of the same name, provides the crypto super rich with access to all kinds of high-end and luxury brands, including artwork, fine watches, and of course, Lamborghinis.

Previously accepting payment in BTC, LTC and ETH, the company has expanded to include Bitcoin Cash—dropping LTC in the process—in recognition of the lower transaction fees, faster processing times and increasing usage of BCH for payments.

The White Company was pioneered by Elizabeth White, a former executive at Formula 1 and luxury brands company LVMH. A recent profile in Vogue magazine summed up White’s expertise, stating, “Whether it’s securing an executive suite at a sold-out sports game or buying 100 MacBooks, White can make it happen.”

The White Company only sells in cryptocurrency, giving them a distinctive edge in the space. Especially following the unprecedented growth in cryptocurrency wealth over the last 12 to 18 months, and the parallel growth of Bitcoin Cash since it forked from the BTC chain in August 2017, White has described the partnership as the logical next step in the development of her business.

“Trust is, obviously, vital in this space and I have watched with interest both the growth and the early-adopters of Bitcoin Cash and can see that The White Company and [BCH] are natural partners,” White said.

The announcement is the latest in a flurry of activity in recent weeks, as new merchants turn to Bitcoin BCH as the solution of choice for cryptocurrency payments. With a significantly larger block size than BTC, and a number of other benefits beyond legacy cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash is emerging as the foremost currency of choice for online transactions.

With BTC now crippled by excessive volume, the coin has become virtually unusable as a currency, with prohibitive transaction fees and often lengthy delays in processing payments. By contrast, BCH brings superior technology, specifically designed according to the original whitepaper vision of Bitcoin to function more effectively as a currency for online transactions.

The White Company’s Bitcoin Cash onboarding was made possible with the help of CoinGeek. If you’re a merchant who’s also looking for help in accepting Bitcoin Cash, contact us today.

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