Kevin Healy

Kevin Healy: Craig Wright went through 3 phases of being Satoshi Nakamoto

Craig Wright could be Satoshi Nakamoto? No way!

Yes way!

Something like this must have gone through Kevin Healy’s head for quite some time before he published a video that shocked the Ethereum space and reached an audience far beyond that:

YouTube video

The video is a gold mine for anyone trying to understand the story behind Dr. Craig Wright and his pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

CoinGeek has the video covered already, but now it is time to talk to the person who did the research and published the video.

Hi, Kevin! As of writing this, your video about Dr. Craig Wright has reached more than 60,000 views already. Most of your subscribers were from within the Ethereum space, how did they react when you shared your thoughts about Dr. Craig Wright probably being Satoshi Nakamoto?

Kevin Healy: A few of the first comments that came in said things like “moron” and “unsubscribed” but I knew they came in so quick they hadn’t even watched the video… So I didn’t care.

Then after a few hours it started trending to positive comments and have been that way ever since. 60,000 views is way more than the 6,000 or so subscribers I had before posting. So at this point the video has a life of its own. I have no idea how the YouTube algorithm decides who to show videos to…but it has been overwhelmingly positive! A little overwhelming, honestly, because I get so many more messages than usual.

How did the Bitcoin SV people welcome you?

Kevin Healy: Well I had already interacted with some “BSV People” before I posted the video because I was looking for solutions to the problems I wanted to solve…and they had always been friendly and professional.

So it wasn’t so much a new introduction, as just a cutting off of the old reputation of who people thought I was. I would get emails from people asking me how to code on Ethereum. I just wanted people to understand what I was interested in now.

As far as I can tell, you came out with this video after many, many hours of source based research that you have been through. You said that you have always enjoyed “Craig Wright videos,” but you saw a risk of “getting canceled” by the crypto community. What exactly was it that still made you publish your video, even though the chance of “getting canceled” was more than realistic?

Kevin Healy: I was researching BSV to understand whether or not it was a stable foundation for me, and my future team, to build on.

There was a time in the past that I wrote an iOS app using Parse, a platform-as-a-service company, that Facebook acquired and shut down…and that killed my business. It was the worst, most embarrassing experience ever.

So ever since then I have been extremely rigorous with respect to any platform I build on…because I don’t want the ground to be pulled out from under me again. I had finally decided BSV was a solid foundation and if people wanted to shame me it would be their loss.

Honestly, YouTube was becoming a bit of a burden anyways because I kept getting emails for people asking about Ethereum. So the idea of me not having to answer those irrelevant questions sounded like sweet relief. I had nothing to lose.

In your video, you said that Dr. Craig Wright was “canceled by his own industry.” Kindly elaborate on that.

Kevin Healy: I think it’s just crazy that established companies like Coinbase, and all these investors on CNBC don’t even acknowledge him. How are they so blind? I think it’s nuts.

It’s a really interesting question as to why… and ultimately I think it just shows how broken our media is. We rank things and make decisions based on popularity… but that doesn’t always equate to truth.

Fortunately, I think fixing our media by establishing proper financial incentives, is one of the great contributions that can be done to civilization using BSV. I did a video on my YouTube channel on this subject called, ‘How Web 3.0 Tech Will Improve the Internet’.

You share your source based research efforts in the video and refer to videos with Dr. Craig Wright from back in 2014. When I watched these videos again that you mentioned, I realized that most of the things Dr. Craig Wright talked about back then are still controversial today in 2021 (example: “Bitcoin is the future of everything”). How come the digital asset sphere still seems unprepared for Dr. Craig Wright’s vision concerning Bitcoin?

Kevin Healy: In terms of BTC, if that’s what you’re asking, I think they have this idea of digital gold stuck in their head.…that it’s a “store of value” exclusively. The thing they don’t realize is that something can only be a store of value if it is actually used for something in the real world.

In other words, if you pay your rent in dollars then dollars are a store of value…because if you store dollars you can pay your rent.

If no one contracts in bitcoin in the real world for goods and services, it can’t be a store of value. At best it’s an inflation hedge like a piece of art whose value is driven by a narrative…and no one is ever going to contract in BTC because they’re not going to want to pay the huge transaction fee. Why wouldn’t they just contract using some other payment form?

So the only thing driving it at this point is the false narrative. It’s vapor in my opinion.

At 41:12 in your video, you quickly mention the “three phases” of Dr. Craig Wright’s public appearance as Satoshi Nakamoto. Kindly explain these phases for us.

Kevin Healy: I think I called them: 1. Secretly Satoshi, 2. Reluctantly Satoshi, and 3. Proudly Satoshi.

Phase 1 was when he was doing public interviews but just as Craig Wright.

Phase 2 started with the BBC interview when he said he was Satoshi but would never directly answer questions about him being Satoshi anywhere else.

Phase 3 started with the CoinGeek conference when Jimmy Nguyen directly asked him if he created Bitcoin and he told his full story on stage.

YouTube video

You also mention Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin and his role in influencing the public perception of Dr. Craig Wright. For example, Vitalik Buterin called Bitcoin SV a scam and he also said Dr. Craig Wright was a fraud. In your video, you call those statements “political” statements that did not convince you at all. I find that interesting. You seem to be genuinely interested in the economical and technical aspects of Bitcoin or digital assets, and you kind of “woke up” when politics came into play. We would like to hear what exactly did alert you after hearing the Vitalik Buterin statements.

Kevin Healy: Anytime somebody tries to kick someone out of a forum it’s a warning to me that they can’t deal with the issue at hand and are trying to cling to power within that forum.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. We all need boundaries, our front door and house for example, where we keep people out…but in terms of an industrial forum, where someone was raising a crucial point, it was a red flag.

In your video, you said you continued to watch Craig Wright videos and that you even watched some of them twenty times. Twenty times? Kindly let us know what you get out of a Craig Wright video after watching it twenty times—this is interesting!

Kevin Healy: I have been keenly interested in commerce since around 2014, just before I got interested in Bitcoin…and that video gave a really broad vantage point with historical examples that were relevant to what I had been researching.

It was also one of the first talks he gave on Bitcoin before getting into the details. So I thought it was a good introduction to the subject.

I would listen to it for inspiration. Almost like a song that you play when you want to get in a specific mood.

YouTube video

What can we expect from you in the future concerning Bitcoin SV? What are you up to with BSV?

Kevin Healy: I’m interested in providing accountability tools for people to improve their diet and fitness, in the short term…but then longer term, as things mature, I may want to help improve supply chains and markets to help deliver the ingredients of that healthy lifestyle using BSV.

Restoring people’s health would create a cultural renaissance. It’s depressing to me to see so many people obese and sick. We’re not functioning optimally as a civilization because of it…but imagine what our civilization would look like if fit and healthy was the norm!

Thank you very much for publishing your video about Dr. Craig Wright.

Kevin Healy: Thank you!

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