Joshue Henslee Joshua Henslee shares thoughts on first three days of the Hodlonaut trial

Joshua Henslee shares thoughts on first three days of the Hodlonaut trial

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On September 14, Bitcoin thought leader Joshua Henslee released a video recapping his thoughts on days one to three of the Granath vs. Wright trial in Norway. As you’ll see, Henslee thinks this trial is shaping up to be the one that surprises everyone and finally delivers the goods we’ve all been waiting for.

Fear and loathing in BTC land

Henslee recaps how he changed his mind on this trial, which he initially thought would be a waste of time. He began to notice fear and desperation in the BTC camp, and that made him think this trial could be more consequential than many were anticipating. The first few days have done nothing to dissuade him of this.

Granath’s reactions

Referring to CoinGeek’s daily coverage by Kurt Wuckert Jr., Henslee laughs at Granath’s claim that he just wanted to remain anonymous.

“Of course,” Henslee said. “Because when you behave like that in the real world, you get punched in the face or kicked in the nuts.”

He also notes how Wuckert has repeatedly said Granath smirks and seems to get off on his nasty, defamatory tweets being read aloud in court. Henslee said that, to some extent, he sympathizes and thinks this could be down to the intensity of the situation. Perhaps Granath thinks it is funny because of his twisted sense of humor?

“It looks like these guys are just acting crazy. The price pumped, the lightning torch made him famous, and it went to his head,” Henslee reflected. He thinks this trial is humanizing for everyone involved. Even though it’s not right, he believes Granath may have gotten carried away. Henslee thinks the plaintiff still doesn’t realize the consequences of what he has done.

On the likely outcome of the trial

“It’s very hard to see how this doesn’t have a positive outcome,” Henslee said, basing his opinion on what he has seen so far. He can’t see how this ends up as a loss for Dr. Wright.

What Henslee can’t figure out is why Granath is still in this. He speculates that he must think he’s going to win and notes that he seems to view this as some sort of game. According to what he has seen so far, Granath and his cohorts don’t understand the gravity of the situation, and a Dr. Wright victory is highly probable.

On Granath coming into the light

Henslee then points out what many have probably already realized as a result of the trial so far: Granath and his type are merely human beings, and not very bright ones at that. When they have to step out from behind their Twitter profiles, it becomes clear that, much like most of the technology in this space, it’s all a bluff and isn’t so big and powerful in reality.

Dr. Wright, by contrast, is a counter to these people. Unlike them, he has serious bona fides and credentials and can defend them in a court of law. He’s a true intellectual heavyweight who understands Bitcoin on a deep level. He has legions of respected experts willing to back him up. His story also shows that he worked hard to get where he is today, whereas his enemies just bought a token and won the lottery by dumb luck.

Wrapping up, Henslee reflected that Granath had taken the wrong course of action if he intended to keep a lid on the idea that Dr. Wright is Satoshi. However, he collected his $1.4-million reward in the form of donations, so he’s likely doing OK out of it.

“It’s going to be a clear loss for the cat,” Henslee finishes, signing off the video.

Key takeaways from this Joshua Henslee video

  • It’s crystal clear that Magnus Granath is losing this trial. He is also coming across badly, acting like an immature imp who does not understand the consequences of his actions or the seriousness of the situation.
  • Dr. Wright, by contrast, comes across as a commensurate professional. He has credentials, serious people willing to put their reputations on the line for him, and it’s becoming increasingly apparent that he is Bitcoin’s inventor.
  • Granath and people like him seem powerful behind the avatars they hide behind, but when forced into the light, they are revealed as powerless and rather pathetic individuals.

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