Is it a coincidence that…?

On November 1, 2021, the so-called ‘trial of the century’ begins where Ira Kleiman is suing Dr. Craig Wright over half a million Bitcoin. Leading up to this case there have been several odd occurrences that will be labeled by doubters as coincidental. The purpose of this article is not to assert the reasoning for these actions but to simply question the timing and relevance to the upcoming trial.

Is it a coincidence that Coinbase added more information about BSV on October 10?

Coinbase allegedly added a link to the Bitcoin whitepaper that has Craig Wright as the author. Around the same time, their button to purchase BSV changed to ‘Trading not yet available’ implying a potential listing. We do not need to speculate on Coinbase’ fears about Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity as they themselves listed this as a risk factor just before being publicly traded.

Source: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Is it really a coincidence that CoinMarketCap added more information about BSV on October 11?

Popular digital currency site CoinMarketCap has added much more relevant, unbiased details to the currencies page of BSV just 20 days before the trial starts. Information includes details of BSV’s attempts to scale as Satoshi originally designed, gigabyte blocks mined, and transactions per second metrics in the node software.

Is it really a coincidence that Binance is converting customers’ BSV for their proprietary stable coin on November 1?

Binance delisted BSV in April 2019 in response to threats from Craig Wright of lawsuits but has allowed customers to withdraw up until this point. On November 1, they are halting that ability, and if customers still have not withdrawn their BSV in the last 30 months they are automatically converting those assets to their own stablecoin. Such activity has precedent, but the coins were exchanged for actual fiat (Japanese Yen). Theories related to the timing aside, converting assets to a stable coin they control is suspicious.

Is it really a coincidence that a Bitcoin Core developer stepped down on October 21, citing “legal risks for Bitcoin developers”?

Just 10 days before the trial where Wright asserts that coins will be moved by ‘court order,’ implying and claiming that Bitcoin protocol developers could have liability and responsibility in the matter, now ‘Former Bitcoin Developer and Maintainer’ Jonas Schnelli steps down. Interestingly he states “it’s time for me to move on” while at the same time writing “There is no new position or project waiting for me”.

Is it really a coincidence that the price ratio of BSV to BTC is at an all-time low the month before the trial starts?

In October, the price ratio of BSV to BTC has dropped to the lowest ever at nearly 400-to-1 (0.0025). One who holds BTC could exchange 1 for a whooping 400 BSV. This coincidence is largely conjecture but in terms of incentives, the timing is interesting. If one had capital to speculate (especially some amount of BTC) and wanted to bet on the outcome of the trial, there is no better time to do so than now.

Source: TradingView

I know that this article will be met with skepticism (as it should!). Readers should ask themselves these questions as all of these events occurred the month before the judgement will occur of whether the assumed creator of Bitcoin must fork over half of his 1.1 million Bitcoin, worth nearly $60 billion as of writing, which would make him the 20th wealthiest person on Earth.

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