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Good-bye to London Blockchain Conference 2023… see you all next year!

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Here’s the place where the first annual London Blockchain Conference wrapped up. While the event kicked off with the Block Dojo and BSV Blockchain Association’s Spring Party and its mood of anticipation, the official afterparty at TheTwentyTwo Hotel in Mayfair was a gathering of relieved back-slapping and celebration at the event’s success… and a reminder that this is just the beginning of something great and world-altering.

The ambience was more subdued than the raucous afterparties that wrapped up CoinGeek conferences in past times—that is, from what I could gather watching them on videos, since I’ve been stuck in Japan most of the past three years. TheTwentyTwo‘s subterranean private club rooms were an ideal place to shake off all the stresses of a hectic three-day work event in London, with a pre-WWII atmosphere amid much velvet and solid wooden fixtures. The night’s music was a collection of modern songs done in lounge/cabaret style. Some wanted to dance, and others preferred to lounge around, and no one was out of place.

Highlights from the party, with all the best bits from its organizers’ speeches, are here. Were you there, and want to re-live it, or wish you were? Then watch the video above and start planning your trip to London same time next year.

Thanking everyone for all their hard work and dedication to BSV blockchain was conference organizer (and CoinGeek owner) Calvin Ayre:

“I want to thank everybody that’s at this event today, contributing in some way to what I believe is the largest and best utility blockchain event the world’s ever seen, and I can say that with confidence because I believe we’re the only ones that really produce a true utility blockchain event.”

All said, 2023’s London Blockchain Conference was “a good window into what’s going to happen going forward,” he said. “This is the seed that’s going to allow us to create a monster event next year, and also to educate people all year long.”

Other speeches shot straight for the hearts and emotions of partygoers. nChain Executive Chairman Stefan Matthews went there first by saying:

“It’s all about love. And you know, I thought: it really is. You can extrapolate that any way you want. We’ve got an incredible family of people, and the event that we’ve just witnessed didn’t just happen (by itself). It happened because there was a tremendous amount of love, and care, and commitment.”

Dr. Craig S. Wright, without whom most people in the room would never have met each other, acknowledged the team effort Bitcoin has become:

“I’ve been angry for a long time, and I’m told I should be humble. And I really should. I should be because I have wonderful people in my life. Ones… everyone here who wants to build what I want to build. Who wants to have the dream I want to have. Most people never make a change, ever, or have a chance at making a change. But you guys are doing it for me. I’ve decided that’s actually a wonderful, wonderful thing.”

Wrapping up the thank-yous was nChain CEO and Norwegian ball of enthusiasm Christian Ager-Hanssen, who despite being a (relative) later convert to BSV blockchain, made up for it with a rousing battle cry:

“First I have to admit I’ve been completely wrong. Why? I have to admit, I’m not really a big fan of conferences. But I was wrong. Calvin insisted that we’re going to create the number one blockchain conference in the world. In London. And make a scene. And we’re going do it year by year. I have to say I’m overwhelmed by what you guys have achieved.”

However, he noted that he disagreed with Stefan. In perhaps the most emphatic afterparty speech of the night, he said: “You talk about love. We are in war! This is not about love—we believe in social impact, we want to change the world and we’re going to do it! It’s a war, but no one can understand it.”

“I have a mission!” he yelled, adding that it’s all of our mission to touch everyone’s life with this unique technology—but first we need to get through the war, to reach the peace and love.”

It was also great to see some of the conference’s special guests at the party as well, including Peter Schiff. This was kind of a surprise for me, so I made sure to get some souvenir photos to impress my economist friends on Facebook.

Alas, we’re not all party experts like Calvin Ayre, Craig Wright or Brett Banfe, and by midnight my old man legs informed me they wouldn’t guarantee support (reporters don’t get much chance to sit down at conferences). So I grabbed a cab back to the hotel, leaving others to drink and dance the rest of the night away.

The next morning was all about packing up and heading off to Heathrow, feeling pretty good about going home, and looking forward to doing it all again next year… only bigger and better.

Watch: London Blockchain Conference 2023 Highlights

YouTube video

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