Tech 27 June 2018

Dan Taylor

New tipping app for Github is powered by Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developers have recently launched a new application for tipping registered users of the Github website.

The popular Github service has become the home to many developers’ codes throughout the years, enabling global collaboration that has spawned many projects. This time, the web-based software development platform is getting a boost from the newly-launched—a service for rewarding developers for their contributions to open source projects.

In a statement on, the team behind described the app as an “on-chain Bitcoin Cash tipping platform for Github, allowing users to directly support the developers who are writing the open source code that powers our planet.”

The tipping platform, according to its programmers, supports custom user profiles, complete tipping histories, and full-featured HD wallets capable of generating and sweeping custom password protected paper wallets. GitCash also accepts zero-confirmations, enabling “faster than lightning” transactions.

To tip Github users inside an issue or pull request, simply call the GitCash tip bot with “@GitCash send .005 bch to @ConsensusBot”. The GitCash app will respond with instructions on how the user can claim their tip. More detailed information on using GitCash can be found here.

Github’s new tipping application is powered by Bitcoin Cash

The app, supported solely by donations, is completely free to use. Built on the BitBox platform, has secured backing from the not-for-profit Bitcoin Cash Fund, which is contributing initial funding for the first two months post-launch. The team behind has also partnered with another on-chain tipping platform—ChainTip—whose Github bounties will be shown on the GitCash website.

The Gitcash team said the platform was built by “a small team of passionate developers who believe that Bitcoin Cash is not only the future of money, but a powerful tool capable of bettering the world.”

“We built Gitcash on Bitcoin Cash because it is truly censorship resistant and sound money that has the potential to benefit every person in the world equally, including those living on less than two dollars per day,” the dev team said.

Note: Tokens on the Bitcoin Core (SegWit) chain are referenced as BTC coins; tokens on the Bitcoin Cash ABC chain are referenced as BCH, BCH-ABC or BAB coins.

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