It is very rare that you get an opportunity to really change how you live, but the Government of Antigua & Barbuda is offering just that.

As the world changes with barriers being going up rather than coming down, tranquility and stability have become, understandably, sought after. The Eastern Caribbean jewel of Antigua & Barbuda offers just that coupled with some great tax optimizations and business opportunities regardless of whether you live on the island or not.

In this globally unique opportunity, you can enjoy citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda through the Citizen by Investment Program, an initiative organized by Antigua’s official Bitcoin Cash (BCH) envoy Calvin Ayre.

Through the program, both individuals and their families can be accepted for citizenship to a country that is currently undergoing rapid development. Accepted applicants offered a vast number of business opportunities in Antigua’s emerging economy—not to mention access to the paradise’s 365 clear, turquoise beaches. As citizens, they are also entitled to travel freely to 132 countries without ever needing a Visa.

The investment for the citizenship can be paid for in BCH, enabling smooth transactions at very low cost. This has been recognized by the Government for its benefits to different communities, and will continue to support economic development within the islands.

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