George Gilder talks Bitcoin and ‘Who is Satoshi Nakamoto’ on London Real TV

Acclaimed economist, writer, book author, investor and technology visionary George Gilder was interviewed by Brian Rose and it was aired on London Real TV recently.

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Gilder is one of the leading economic and technological thinkers of the past 40 years, even touted as a technology prophet for this predictions that have eventuated many years later.

The topics discussed ranged from economics, artificial intelligence, geopolitics, global issues, big tech, Bitcoin to who he believes is behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

Brian Rose brought up the reason why George Gilder managed to find himself in London.

“You’re in London to talk at CoinGeek,” host Brian Rose said.

“CoinGeek! CoinGeek 2020!” Gilder responds.

Gilder certainly made his presence felt at the bi-annual event giving a magnificent presentation, participated in a fireside chat with Dr. Craig S. Wright and was also an avid learner in the front row. 

Two significant problems that Bitcoin solves

Gilder highlights the two significant problems the world economy faces which is the “collapse of internet security” and the “scandal of money”.

Regarding the collapse of internet security, he envisions a singular blockchain to act as a new security layer for the internet where personal identities can be immutability anchored into this structure.

Regarding the scandal of money, he highlights statistics that currency trading equates to US$5.1 trillion a day amounting to 25 times all global GDP and 75 times all global trade of goods and services. The result which has only led to more trade wars, waste of computational power and entrepreneur skills. 

With global money working then there would be less conflict by default, solving the central banks hacking of world money and stealing from the future. This in turn will offer reliable and offer more dependable information to entrepreneurs.

He believes a single blockchain technology can solve both of these problems which is the underlying technology that underpins the economic system of Bitcoin.

Who does Gilder believe is the creator of Bitcoin?

Brian initiated the discussion to Gilder as to who he believes is the inventor and the creator of Bitcoin behind the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto.”

“You’re meeting to talk with the man who you think is the real Satoshi Nakamoto,” Rose stated.

“Satoshi Nakamoto, probably, Craig Wright this Australian rogue really invented blockchain [Bitcoin]. It is pseudonymous this Satoshi Nakamoto, people don’t know quite who he is, but it seems at least Craig Wright was central to this whole development,” Gilder answered.

Gilder has publicly stated his opinion on this several times in the past.

Having had the personal honour of being at the CoinGeek Conference in London, my favourite moment was seeing Gilder sit in the front row with his pen and notepad taking notes throughout Dr. Craig S. Wright’s presentation and proceeded to follow with a standing ovation.

The mutual respect between the two men cannot be denied.

How do we transition to this world of a singular blockchain?

Gilder believes the transition to a single global blockchain is already underway, and once will eventually be a standard that resembles gold. A world where money around the world is measured by the same measuring stick, without the idea of money being a feature of sovereignty and a property of nation states similar to the gold standard up until 1971.

“As long as people imagine that money is a measuring stick. It is not a speculative asset, as long people think that they get rich by “HODL” they are going to fail.”

Touted as a technology futurist who has an impeccable track record, he placed his bet on who he thinks has the best chance of success.

“Many of them have failed, more than half of them have failed. Ultimately, one of them is going to get it right, maybe Satoshi [Craig] is going to get it right,” Gilder concluded.

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The original Bitcoin created by Dr. Craig S. Wright under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto can be found under the ticker BSV.

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