Payment Asia Summit 2019

Payment Asia Summit 2019

About this event


– Firsthand experiences from policymakers and industry experts, detailing the latest developments in the global and Asia Pacific payment sectors
– In-depth analysis of payment platforms and infrastructure development
– Cutting-edge innovation in the payment industry, including latest applications, aggregate payment, and E-Wallet functions
– The latest trends for payment security and applications for new technologies
– Detailed look at payment market demand and improvements to the user experience
– Opportunity to network with potential clients and business partners from across the region

Event Structure

Payment Regulatory System and Risk Management
– Regulatory Framework for Payments in China
– Payment Security and Anti-fraud Functions: How to Effectively Prevent

Payment “Go Global
– State of Fintech and Payment in the Philippines & how various players are capturing market opportunities
– Localization of WeChat Payments and Cross-border Payments
– Analysis of Payment Regulatory Environment and Future Trends in Vietnam
– How to Take Advantage of the Promising Mobile Payment Market in Southeast Asia

Innovation in the Payment Industry
– Digitalization and Bank Restructuring in the Asia Pacific Region
– Future Development Trends for Aggregate Payments in Southeast Asia
– How Blockchain Technology can Enhance Payment Security and Facilitate Cross-Border Payments

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