M3E2 2019

M3E2 2019

About this event

Monitoring, Modeling & Management of Emergent Economy (M3E2) is a peer-reviewed international conference focusing on research advances and applications of nonlinear dynamics methods, econophysics and complex systems methodology of emergent economy.

The M3E2 Conference occupies contributions in all aspects of Computational Finance, Economics, Risk Management, Statistical Finance, Trading and Market Microstructure, (Deep) Machine Learning technologies and tools, paradigms and models, relevant to modern financial engineering and technological decisions in the modern age. There is urgent general need for principled changes in postclassic economy elicited by current models, tools, services, networks and IT communication. Let’s to come, show your best practice, and envisage your future actions at the front line of high-tech economy.

Topics of interest

Complex cyberphysical systems, synergy, econophysics, economy of agents
Mathematical methods, models, informational systems and technologies in economics
Monitoring, modeling, forecasting and preemption of crisis in socio-economic systems
Models of global transformations
Experimental economics
The dynamics of emergent markets in post crisis period
Management of the state’s economic safety and economic safety of economic agents
Modeling of hospitality sphere development
Prioritized ways of formation of the innovation model of Ukrainian economical development
The Global Challenges for Economic Theory and Practice in CEE Countries
(Deep) Machine Learning for prediction of emergent economy dynamics
Risk Management models in emergent economy

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