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New technological developments such as Artificial intelligence, Machine and deep learning, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Digitisation and Fintech have grown itself into industries with support from internet, tele-communication and social media.

Adapting, implementing and executing the changes needed due to disruptions in the business equations brought in by these technologies have forced many companies and their top executives to re-think their strategies, operations and allocation of financial and human capital resources. These technologies are fast evolving, technically complex and often lack business cases however utilising and embracing them presents multi-billion market domains which are yet to be fully unlocked.

INCORME – IV is dedicated to understanding and exploring these technologies and strategic changes they bring from multiple perspectives of leaders from industry, academia and governments. Leading technologists, CEOs, thought leaders, executives, policy makers and industry practitioners offer specific foresights about global grand challenges, implications, human centred implications, leadership and strategies.

The spotlight focus is on the governments, banks, fin-techs, new payment providers, equipment manufacturers, software programmers, hardware suppliers, data scientists, communication providers, traders and investors and most importantly consumers considering technology usage and impact into searching, buying, selling, trading, traveling, paying, learning, studying, living, driving, treating, helping, exercising and communicating. INCORME – IV provides exploration, exchange and enhancement of knowledge and expertise wherein CEOs lead us to decide the Future…!

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