GRP ID Annual Postgraduate Conference 2019

GRP ID Annual Postgraduate Conference 2019

About this event

This one-day conference is designed to give postgraduate students from different research areas an opportunity to present and discuss their research and form new connections with their colleagues across different disciplines. Please note that following this conference we will have our keynote lecture given by Greg Power from Global Partners Governance.

The chosen researchers will be invited to present their work at the conference.


The GRP International Development seeks answers to urgent problems of poverty, inequality and social and economic change through multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach.

GRP ID extends the theoretical and empirical boundaries that shape our understanding of international development through critical and robust analyses through a co-production of knowledge and knowledge exchange to make real impact in the fields we work in.

Scholars ranging from engineering to social science and humanities focus on themes such as gender, health, human rights and the role of the private sector, technological innovation and grassroots empowerment.

Our vision is to:

Contribute to understanding of urgent issues of development in our globalised world by

 – Supporting research and analysis of the key issues that shape development in an international environment
 – Building on cutting-edge research to providing a bridge to policy through working with state and non-state actors
 – Generating impact by developing a high quality knowledge exchange programme with diverse audiences in order to achieve our vision
 – Establishing a network of individuals and groups within the University with shared intellectual values and institutional allegiance.

We promote this vision by

 – Organizing seminars, lectures, conferences and undertaking excellent research;
 – Raising the profile of the work being done at Warwick nationally and internationally through participation in research and policy networks

We generate funds for this work both within the University and through applying for external research funds and facilitate this by seed-funding research projects to support the work of Warwick colleagues.

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