Government Summi DX

Government Summi DX

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Digitalization has become the forefront of economic change and prosperity. No more of old school legacy systems as governments have progressed with technology reforms to achieve operational excellence by providing the best state of the art public sector services to the end users.

Saudi Arabia possesses one of the world’s finest ICT infrastructure with a CAGR close to 9% growth between 2019 & 2023 to boost the Kingdom’s IT market. An increasing demand for e-governance is one of the major trends being witnessed. Under the Vision 2030 program, Saudi Arabia has increased the possibility of online services over the last decade. To facilitate the National Vision 2030, the government launched a development program in 2016 called the National Transformation Program (NTP). The use of IT is rapidly growing with the government initiatives to digitally enable all sectors of the economy under the NTP.

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