Cryptocurrency Trading Masterclass – Malta

Cryptocurrency Trading Masterclass – Malta

About this event

In collaboration with the BlockShow Festival of Decentralized Technology The Crypto Trading Masterclass How to use 3 Simple Rules Based Trading Strategies to make consistent trading profits, without sitting at the computer all day!

This course is for anyone that wants to know:

-when to enter -when to exit -how to take profits -how to manage risk -how to use margin -how to profit in an up-trend -how to profit in a down-trend -how to confidently read chart direction -how to take action and be a successful trader

This strategy has been the key to Craig’s trading success over 13 years.

You can forget the complex world of multiple indicators, hundreds of pattern names and complex combinations. We will only teach you what you need to know, and that centres around price action and fair value.

We keep it simple and focus on the key market principles, using objective thinking. Our desired outcomes are only based around the “absolutes” of the cryptocurrency markets.

That is: you can buy, you can sell and you can sit out…

You will gain a solid understanding of market flow, trend and how to build USD, BTC or ETH (to name a few).

Upon completion, you will have greater clarity, certainty and structure than most traders who have been in the markets for decades. No longer will you need to “think” you just need to follow the checklist of rules to execute and gain a trading edge.


One Full Day live with Craig Cobb:

Meet one of the most successful Crypto Traders in person and ask him your burning questions. Watch him scan the markets LIVE and understand how he blocks out the noise and focuses on his 3 simple strategies to create profits

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