Blockchance Conference Hamburg 2019

Blockchance Conference Hamburg 2019

About this event

The Blockchance Conference will take in the city central at the Prestigious Chamber of Commerce Hamburg, Germany’s first stock exchange.

Hamburgs metropolitan region has more than five million inhabitants. Hamburg is a major European business, science, research and education hub with several universities and national and international institutions. It has been regarded as cosmopolitan and highly networked since the time of the Hanseatic League. Hamburg has an excellent economic stature and future potential. Influencing world leaders and innovating with global blockchain industry centers such as Amsterdam, Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai, New York, Zug and Berlin.

As the venue of the Blockchance Conference Hamburg 2018 we chose the FutureCity Campus in HafenCity. The venue was exceptional and the charm of the sea container buildings and the proximity to the Elbe impressing. That suited the pioneering spirit of our conference in the first year.

“In Silicon Valley you start big things in a garage – in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, of course, the counterpart is the sea container.” (Mr. Friedrich)

As a venue for the #BC19, we chose the Chamber of Commerce, not least in order to meet the predicted number of participants. The proximity to the economy and the town hall underlines the relevance and strong social anchoring of the conference topics. The up-lift from sea containers to this historical halls describes the success story of the Blockchain technology, the Blockchance Conference and the Blockchain hotspot Hamburg.

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