Blockchain2Energy Europe

Blockchain2Energy Europe

About this event

Towards the end of 2017 blockchain seemed to be universally hailed as the solution for nearly every problem the energy industry ever faced. Cryptocurrencies skyrocketed and new blockchain initiatives popped up on a daily basis. In 2018, the industry was forced to face reality and blockchain technology had to grow up fast. It led to quite some disillusionment; markets crashed, a shake-out of startups occurred and expectations got depressed. Will 2019 bring us to the harsh realization that blockchain isn’t the disruptive technology it promised to be? Or will the surviving business models prove their actual added value to the energy transition?

Make up your own mind! Join Blockchain2Energy 2019, our third conference focused on the practical and current-day applications of blockchain in the energy sector.


 – World leading, real-life use cases

 – A realistic and critical view on the added value of blockchain in the energy sector

 – Bringing together 150+ energy and blockchain professionals

 – The biggest independent Blockchain & Energy conference

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