Blockchain for Science 2019

Blockchain for Science 2019

About this event

The emerging cryptoeconomy for Science Blockchain as a mean to perform high value transactions is the perfect backend to revolutionize money flow in science, make it more effective, streamlined and reduce the organizational overhead. DAOs and continous organizations are interesting means to organize the science commons.

New data handling paradigms

Blockchain data market places will bring data owners and data users together. Novel economies and incentive structures emerge. Smart contracts and trusted computing environements allow rethinking trust and repsonsibility behind data access, control and privacy – is our culture and legal system able to cope with these challenges and potentials?

Novel incentive structures

Blockchain and the token economy can create unforseen economies and allows realization of novel value propositions. Reward structures for early adopters could make revolutionary approaches and ideas fly faster and higher than today, hopefully overcoming the first mover dilemma and potentially the innovators dilemma.

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