Blockchain for Financial Services Global Summit

Blockchain for Financial Services Global Summit

About this event

Hype vs. Reality: Capturing the best and true value from blockchain in financial services

Explore the latest developments in blockchain and avoid the risk of being left behind.

The value of blockchain technology for financial services is being proven by industry leaders who have launched pilot programs that demonstrate its functionality across a variety of transaction types. The efficiencies introduced are truly revolutionary.  Join your peers and attend this remarkable summit that brings together the top innovators, early adopters and latest developments in this new tech arena. All the players in the ecosystem will be present and the resulting discussions and networking are sure to leave a marked difference on industry advancements, to the benefit of all!

Gain insights into:

• Learn new regulations and standardization of new technologies
• Choose the right blockchain partners for success
• Integrate blockchain technologies into legacy systems
• Exponentially increase transaction speed and efficiency
• Reduce risk and fraud; improving AML and KYC compliance

This is the biggest global event on blockchain just for financial services! Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to prepare your organization to make the most of the blockchain revolution.

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