Dr. Craig Wright was working while trolls made bad arguments

Dr. Craig Wright was working while trolls made bad arguments

Plenty of bad and dishonest arguments are used in an attempt to discredit Dr. Craig Wright, and by extension, his vision that is carried out by Bitcoin SV (BSV). In his latest article, titled “The Genetic Falacy,” the creator of Bitcoin lays out why these arguments make no rational sense.

The genetic fallacy itself is an attempt to bring down the subject of the attack by pointing to an element of their origin, regardless of its connection to the topic, as a way of making both look bad. While this doesn’t really work with Dr. Wright, who has been entirely consistent in his views and opinions, trolls hope to make BSV look bad by arguing that Wright is bad. Wright explains:

“People will call out fallacies after fallacy claiming that you’re wrong because you’re fat, or you can’t be Satoshi because you’re too old; the nature doesn’t really matter other than that it avoids a logical discussion of the issues at hand.”

Wright points out that even if these arguments about whether or not he’s Satoshi had any validity, they don’t make any sense in relation to BSV. “As Satoshi, I gain power only if I seek to change the protocol,” he points out. “So interestingly, those who seek power, the illegal exchanges and bucket shops such as Binance and the developers seeking to experiment and play with a protocol as they’re funded by those seeking a system friendly to crime, are the ones grasping for power and hence seeking to avoid the question.”

The development of BSV progresses regardless what you think of Dr. Wright, and it’s proving it can do everything that he, as Satoshi, promised it would. “Bitcoin doesn’t need my promotion,” he notes. “In having my team improve the code while maintaining the original protocol, we have scaled to handle blocks the size of 1.4 GB. (…) In my persona as Satoshi, I am quoted from a decade or so ago how Bitcoin scales to exceed Visa and that it can grow to be a system that will run in data centres and that handles a load far greater.”

All that being said, Wright has not conceded any ground, and he is still the man who created Bitcoin. Meanwhile, his detractors argue over things that don’t matter, and BSV keeps growing. “So, as you have been distracted and focused on me, I have built,” he declares. “If I decide to move certain coins in the future, it won’t be by announcing to anyone. It will be a black swan and an event that I choose.”

Time is running out for those who don’t want to admit the truth though. “I am the creator of Bitcoin,” Wright declares. “You will never discredit it, and you will never stop my system. If you choose to bet against me, I already know the outcome.”

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